After several months of hiatus, Renée and Theresa are back! If you’re just starting to listen, you’re here at the right time. In this episode, the ‘well-versed women’ sum up where they started and the highlights of the last 18 months of podcasts. Tune in and get started today! 

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Things We Cover in this Episode:

  • The past 18 months of our hiatus
  • Faith
  • Scriptures on growing your faith

Here is a full transcription of Season: 2 Episode: 1 (This transcription was auto-generated!)

Speaker 1 (00:00): 50 years ago, something happened. It was about 50 years ago and it affects this podcast and what you're listening to. So you wanna stay tuned this week as we come back and welcome you back into the well versed woman podcast.

Speaker 1 (00:25): Hi, I'm Renee teller and I'm Theresa Morgan. You see Renee and I come to you week after week. We love to share our faith and our life's journeys with you. And what we love to share is about this great big God that we've come to know quite intimately. And if you stay tuned, we know that the same thing will happen for you before we get started, we begin every episode, the same way we sit very still for 10 little seconds, close our eyes, take some slow deep breaths, and actually invite God to come and be with you to open your ears, to hear your eyes, to see and your heart, to know exactly what he'd have for you today. So those 10 seconds start right now.

Speaker 1 (01:28): That's it? That was 10 seconds. And I had to go for memory. So hopefully that count worked out well, but Theresa, it is so good to be back at the microphone to feel like we have all our friends back. And if you're new and you're not back welcome, welcome to this podcast because we have had so much fun over the last 18 months, doing these podcasts and just sharing our hearts with you. Absolutely. Hi Renee. Good to, good to be with you. Of course. Uh, good to be with all of our listeners today, um, with your introduction, Renee, I'm thinking back 50 years and, uh, how true right? You and I have been friends, uh, for all of 50 years. And, uh, what, what a miracle, you know, we serve a miracle working God whose patient kind and loving is, uh, we've have ex expanded upon in, in previous, uh, recordings, Renee.

Speaker 1 (02:36): And, um, he prepares, he, he prepares in everything that he does. He, we can see, he prepare the earth for us, his wonderful human beings. Um, he prepared, he prepared the way for Jesus to come. And he is a, uh, a continual in, in a continual state of preparation in life for all of us. Each of us. It's amazing Renee, when I think about the billions of people on the earth and how he prepares for each, each of our lives. And what we're talking about is 50 years ago when Renee and I met and he forged a friendship because he knew, uh, that he wanted to prepare our lives for this podcast, right. Renee for this podcast. And a lot of other things that we have going on, Theresa, you know, just, I'll just mention, for example, I do an annual event and Theresa was able to attend this year with busy, busy schedule opening up and the power of God in that place, Theresa.

Speaker 1 (03:45): So yes, this podcast is just the tip of the iceberg of what he has in store and what he prepared and, you know, Theresa, when we walk with him as we have, and it's always, it's always difficult for me to explain to somebody who is just hearing this for the first time, or just seeking to understand God, how excited we get. And we say these things like we know beyond, we know beyond, we know. And, and I remember when it was me, I was, you know, really, really do you really know? And all I can say is try it, you know, try it and see, because it, it builds and over and over and over again, you see God working and moving, you know, there was, uh, a young, not young woman, a woman 40 say at, at that same event there. And I was speaking to her the other day and she was saying, I, I need a, I need a book.

Speaker 1 (04:52): I need a book to write down all these miracles that are happening every time I turn around. And I'm not even sure she used the word miracles, but it was every time I turn around these strange, unusual unconventional things are happening. And I said, boy, that's a great idea. You should exactly do that because I've done it. I know you've done it there. We write down the, these things in the beginning, and that is the beginning of faith, right? We're using this episode to kind of rereview our previous episodes. And again, if you are new, go back and listen, particularly to the early ones that might not be as polished and as smooth. I'm not sure restarting we're polished and smooth now, but they will give you that beginning innocent information about how does this all start and it's that faith, that faith of a mustard seed, but it comes just like this woman that attended the event.

Speaker 1 (06:05): It comes from hearing what God has to say, hearing his word, becoming curious, and then opening eyes to watch around you. Again, like this woman is doing and feeling like these signs that God is there. And she says, my gosh, Renee, every time I talk to you, these things open up and it, it seems crazy to me. And I said, it's crazy. God is just trying to show off. He's just trying to show you how real he is and that he is there for you. And he's right next to you in every minute of every day, right? Teresa, you know, it's so true, Renee. And as you're talking, I'm thinking of that younger girl, two, who really did not have, uh, a relationship with God until she was around us. And we started sharing our relationship with the Lord, you know, and that reminds me of a beautiful scripture in Jeremiah chapter 29 versus 11 through 14.

Speaker 1 (07:16): So I want our listeners to know right off the bat. It's simple. The Bible says, this is God speaking for. I know the thoughts that I think toward you says the Lord thoughts of peace and not of evil to give you a future and a hope, then you will call upon me and go and pray to me. And I will listen to you and you will see me and find me when you search for me with all your heart, I will be found by you says the Lord, isn't that beautiful. God wants to be found by every human being on the earth. And it just takes a quiet heart to go to him and say, Lord, I don't know if you're real Lord, I'm hearing these women talk about a relationship with a God that I cannot see in touch with my fingers, but there's a relationship nonetheless, that they're talking about God.

Speaker 1 (08:14): So would you please make yourself real to me, Lord, I'm seeking you. I'm here. I'm praying. And that's how it begins. It begins with a willing heart coming to God saying, Hey God, I'm here. I'm seeking you. And I thank you. You wanna be found. And then all of a sudden, like this young woman that Renee's talking about, you sing, you see things happening in your life and that's how the relationship begins. Like any natural relationship in life. Hmm. I love those beginning episodes where we so emphasize about relationship. I think so many of us have been hurt or confused about religion and what it is and all the religions. And at the end of the day, it's not about religion and Theresa. And I talk about that in the past episodes. It is Theresa about this and this really deep, loving relationship that we can have with God, just like we have with our significant other, with, uh, our children, with our parents, the, the family unit was designed by God, to who help us understand the depth of this love the fact that as humans, we can create another human life, just like God created us is of course a miracle, but was the most profound relationship that helped me begin to understand how God looks at me as his child.

Speaker 1 (10:01): So the relationship is exactly that what we understand in relationship, which means why Theresa and I did not get to 50 years to this day by not keep keeping in touch with each other. Oh, absolutely. There were years where we didn't because of our lives and I moved to another state and there were all kinds of situations. But that relationship that started when we were young girls on a golf course, go back and listen to that at episode on a golf course of all crazy things, that relationship that started continued to build. And so when we got together to do this podcast, we weren't newbies. We knew each other. We knew each other pretty intimately. By that time we had been through, we had been through children birthing together. We had been through illnesses together. We both had cancer diagnoses. It's, it's been amazing when we think back and again, that's how you build your faith.

Speaker 1 (11:14): After you get through trials, you look back and you say, oh, I see, I see where God's hand was on us, was on our life. And it's that testimony, that experience that we've had individually and together that has grown our faith, grown our relationship with God and allowed us to seek him more and more and more. Absolutely absolutely Renee. Um, it's it's so it's so true. God uses the natural occurrences in life to sometimes teach us about the spiritual. And that's exactly correct how God builds a natural relationship in life is very indicative and demonstrates the relationship that we build over time with him. And I love it because cause he came, he came to bridge the gap. Sin had caused a, a tear in the relationship between human beings and God because of his holiness. And um, we talk a lot about that in the previous episodes.

Speaker 1 (12:27): And so Christ coming to earth, dying on our shutting his blood so that we could be forgiven of sin, brings us back into this beautiful relationship. And then we really launch off, right? From that point, once we re receive forgiveness of our sins and invite him into our hearts to be Lord and savior, that relationship blooms starts looming and get in, gets deeper and evolves. And in life for us on planet earth changes because of his involvement. We collaborate with him and corroborate with him and it is beautiful in just like this young girl, who's starting a relationship with the law. She's seeing God in action in her life. And again, as Renee and I have grown and I've seen Renee in action in my life and she has seen me in action in her life, a beautiful trust and bond grows so that I have faith that Renee will be there for me in thick and thin.

Speaker 1 (13:38): Renee has faith that I'll be there. It's the same with the Lord Renee. And I have amazing faith because we have been there with God. God has been there for us time and time again. And we see his promises in his word, the Bible, and we see him make good on those promises. And before you know, it, we're just in this beautiful love relationship with him and life is good. And he starts unfolding that plan that he has uniquely for each of, of us, that he talks about in Jer, Jeremiah 29 and 11. And once we're swimming in the ocean of our destiny and the plans while we, we are just in the sweet spot of life and it's, it's beautiful because that's where our purpose comes from Renee. And this is one of them. This podcast, you and I were birthed met, uh, years ago.

Speaker 1 (14:42): And this is one of the beautiful activities if you will, that God had for us in life. And when we flow in it, Renee, isn't there such a beautiful peace joy that comes from it. Mm. So it is Teresa it's so, so wonderful. And we don't have to worry about who hears it. What's going on with it are being obedient to God. And he does the rest of the work. We can be at peace in all of that. You know, Theresa, the last thing I wanna share in our little bit of overview, our welcome back here is we need to understand as humans, we, we live so much in the flesh and the material because that's what we see. That's what we touch. That's what we feel. But the real us, the real Renee, the real Theresa, the real you is spirit. The real you is spirit.

Speaker 1 (15:48): And I have this thing of light that the I'm feeling like why as humans for even those of us who believe that and understand that we spend so little time in our spirit self, and so much time in our flesh self or as one of our, our event participant said our meat suit. You know, we spend so much time in our head and in our flesh and not in our spirit. And I use the example, you know, if I spend an hour every morning with God, I'm with him for an hour and the other 23 hours, I live in my, in my humanness. Hopefully I don't, hopefully this relationship is about bringing God into the other 23 hours as well. You know, maybe one hour I'm with him sitting with him, talking with him, that's called praying, but it's really talking to God. That's all praying is.

Speaker 1 (16:57): And I sit in that and immerse with just him and I, and then I go off into my world, but I bring him with me. He says, he will never leave me or forsake me, Teresa he's with me all the time. And so we need to grow and nurture that spirit itself. And this podcast is gonna help you do just that. It's going to give you the tips and tricks to make God an integral every minute, every day, part of your life, where you bring him to remembrance all the time. So true Renee. And of course, uh, you know, we, I, we would be remiss if we didn't give them a couple scriptures, you know, to back up what you're saying, and yes, you know, God is spirit Genesis. 1 27 says he created man in his image. And then John 4 24 says that God is spirit.

Speaker 1 (17:54): So we are spirit Renee in the core of who we are. We are spirit. And it's our spirits that live on forever after the flesh eventually dies. And so it's the spirit of man that communes beautifully with God in that prayer time, Renee you're absolutely right. And in the book of Hebrews, it does say that he will never leave us. He will never forsake us. And so once we begin that beautiful relationship with the Lord, he is there with us through thick, through thin, and it is life giving life sustaining in life, maintaining when we walk with the Lord and have a relationship with him, oh, geez. I love that. I'm so excited for all of this, you know, next week we're gonna explain Easter. We're gonna talk about, since Easter is right around the corner, we're gonna talk about what is the meaning of Easter and why exactly did, did our Jesus, our God have to be crucified.

Speaker 1 (19:04): What is that all about? So you're gonna wanna stay tuned for that special, special. So, but remember we absolutely have to be in the, in the Bible, in the word of God. So if you don't have a Bible now is a good time. You know that Amazon they'll have it to you tomorrow. There's a lot of different translations. A really nice way to start would be something called the passion translation. It's very easy to read and it highlights the love of God. There are many, many translations, and just make sure that you pick up a Bible and start reading along with us because we will be giving you every week versus for you be able to go back in that maybe it's 15 minutes in the morning, quiet time and reread the verses that we talked about and think about them and talk to God about them all between you and him. So Theresa, I'm so happy to be back. I'm so happy to, to wrap this up up, we actually have Theresa a favorite verse that this particular podcast was founded on. Absolutely Renee Romans chapter 10, 17. So then faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God, thanks for listening. We love you. Bye now,

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