The second secret to success is learning to be your authentic self. This requires a commitment to strive for authenticity in yourself and your endeavors. Successful people have mastered the gift of being their authentic self. Knowing who you were meant to be and living it out fulfills a deeper purpose in a successful life.

Authenticity Defined

Webster describes authenticity as “being true to one’s personality, spirit or character.” Being true means that we are living without pretensions, simply being who we were supposed to be. We are intended to live an open and honest version of ourselves.

Yes, there are some aspects of our personality, spirit, and character we might need work. Not all our natural tendencies are healthy or constructive in building success. I have a multitude of character flaws I needed to work through, and this is true for each one of us.

It would be a mistake to let pride and insecurity chip away at who we are capable of becoming. The series of decisions we make along the way will determine the final success we achieve in the end zone, which means we need to make an honest assessment of our strengths, weaknesses, and expectations now. How can we expect to lead and inspire others to greatness when we do not lift up our hearts to the light?

Your Authentic Self

Living out your true self is being authentic to who you were created to be. Authenticity is crucial to being successful in anything. When living authentically, we are not trying to be somebody else. We do not care about what our neighbor looks like, does or has. An authentic life needs no comparisons to anyone, just a picture of ourselves as we truly are.

Being your authentic self builds trust. In business, this is a vital component towards building successful working relationships. If I give the sense that I want to help you, and I genuinely do want to help you, then you may trust me implicitly as we build a relationship. If I am an authentic person, you believe what I tell you and know that I will deliver on my promises.

A habit of authenticity allows us to show others an accurate version of ourselves no matter where we are at in life. It is showing others we truly want to help them. We care about their best interests and are honest about our limitations and strengths. Someone who is comfortable in their skin inspires confidence and trustworthiness in others, too.

Live being your authentic self and watch how life starts to fall into place.