How far can we go in life without air?  We can survive weeks without food, days without water, but only minutes without air in our lungs.  It affects every function of the body and yet, we take it for granted.  Air, or more specifically oxygen, is vital for life.

Air Pollution

As global awareness about hazardous effects of air pollution increases, efforts are being made to decrease emissions and streamline environmentally-beneficial processes. It may be a shock to learn, however, that air pollution often comes from right inside your home.

For example, human beings need oxygen to survive.  We inhale oxygen, removing it from the air, but exhale carbon dioxide to replace it.  A room full of people can feel stuffy and constricting because ultimately the room is being drained of oxygen and refilled with carbon dioxide.  It reaches a point where one feels compelled to rush over and crack open a window.  Our bodies naturally signal a need for life-giving oxygen in that crowded room.

Sleep Better

Opening the window a little can freshen up the house.  This practice can even improve sleep and brain function. Despite the cold, I maintain this practice even during the frigid winter months.  I crack open the windows at night and immediately feel how it enhances the quality of our sleep.  Remember that we are doing a lot of breathing and healing in our sleep, too, so it is vital to ensure enough fresh air is available throughout the night.

Nurture Nature

Having a plant in the room is another tip we learned in science class, which works by generating oxygen.  Contrary to human beings, plants use the carbon dioxide and convert it to oxygen, cleverly providing fresh air for any room.  Isn’t is brilliant how God made these details in the world to complement each other and naturally enhance our quality of life.

Keep it Clean

The last tip for clean air is to carefully review cleaning products at home.  It might be a nasty surprise to learn that most cleaning products are highly toxic.  Whether you are doing the cleaning or have someone doing it for you, the first step is to investigate using more environmentally-friendly products, such as biodegradables, that will protect you and your family from harmful fumes and dangerous chemicals in the house.    This may be a more expensive option in some cases, but the alternatives are out there.  It might be an idea to go back to good old-fashioned method with vinegar, water, and baking soda.

Air is Life

The crisp clean air found in the majestic beauty of snow-capped mountains makes it feel as though our spirit itself is lifted up.  The revitalization from deep breaths of good air benefits our digestion, enhances your mood, strengthens the immune system, increases our ability to focus and boosts energy. It is time to take charge on your journey to a healthier life.  If you want to be a breath of fresh air, get outdoors.