Resolutions are something that a lot of people make at the beginning of a new year, or whenever they’re ready for change or a fresh start.  They make a pact with themselves about what they want to do differently, or what they ought to try that they’ve never done before. Resolutions are a beautiful thing, but what about being resolute in your daily life? How is that different, and how can being resolute help you get on the right track?

What is Resolution vs. Being Resolute?

The simplest difference between the two is that one is a noun and one is a verb. But taking a deeper look, is it better to have resolutions or to be resolute? It’s a pretty easy answer, isn’t it? To be resolute means, you’re taking action. The problem with resolutions is they’re just a thing, just a noun, and are nothing without taking action.

The Inherent Problems With Resolutions

The problem with resolutions is that you don’t see results right away. I’ve been a wellness center owner for over 16 years, and we work predominantly with morbidly obese people. You can imagine how difficult it is for them to make a change because they probably reached that state of morbid obesity after an extended period. That’s not something that happens in months or even a year. They became stagnant or set in a certain way, and it becomes more and more difficult change the longer it goes on. It’s wonderful to work with them, I can’t tell you how rewarding it is because they have so much gratitude for the help they’re getting. But it’s still tough for them.

When Can Resolutions Be a Good Thing?

Resolutions are only good, in my opinion, in two ways. You have to dig deep and decide what a resolution is going to be and understand your “why,” why you want to make that change. You have to pour through a great big list of reasons why and how you’re going to feel once you get to the other side of accomplishing that resolution. However, we still have to be resolute; we still have to take action. We have to will it into existence almost. If you have a difficult change to make, the second way a resolution can be a good thing is if you find someone to come along side you.

You have to find someone to be accountable to because it’s the only way a resolution is going to turn into action. It doesn’t do any good to make resolutions because they won’t happen without being resolute and taking action on those resolutions. I find the best way to do it is to get a partner or get someone who will hold you accountable in a positive and loving way.

So be resolute! Don’t just set a resolution or look at just one year. Look at your life over the next ten year period. Make long term goals. Work with people who will support you and remember that the most important thing of all is to be resolute, and to take action on your resolutions!