MINDFULNESS. DISCIPLINE. CONFIDENCE. Do those three those words drive you crazy? Would you prefer to ignore them so you can keep running your life the same old way?  Well, I have a secret that I’d like to share with you. What if I told you there’s one thing you can do that will help you face them head on all at once? Keeping a journal of your activities during the week will help you focus your limited time on mindfulness, discipline, and confidence.

Benefits of Journaling

In today’s world, we all have the technology to track things using smart phones and other devices.  Call me old-fashioned, but I am still a believer in writing it down. And guess what – science has proven there’s a connection between writing things on paper and the way that it gets recorded in our brain. If it’s stored in my brain, trust me, it’s going to come up again over and over. So I want to talk to you about the benefits of journaling. I have been a journaler forever if that’s a word, a journaler – how do you say journaler? I have done it my entire life, not consistently, not every day but certainly periodically and now I do it more and more because I’ve learned of all the significant benefits.

Evoking Mindfulness

Mindfulness. Yes, that buzzword that everybody talks about. But what is mindfulness, and how do we evoke mindfulness?   It’s one of the secrets I mentioned earlier and is also one of the primary benefits of journaling. It causes us to sit still, take the past and put it aside along with all our anxiety for the future, and just focus on what you are feeling right here and now. And what you are feeling right here and now is so important to develop all the things you want to know yourself, where you are right now, how you are feeling, what is your purpose, what is your passion.  Nowadays, we don’t even have to think; we just Google it. Well, it’s important that we evoke mindfulness and journaling makes that happen.  And another benefit is that there is a strong connection between happiness and mindfulness. Crazy, right, and we all want to be happy.

Developing Self-Discipline

Discipline. That is the second benefit of journaling. Who doesn’t need more self-discipline in their life? I do. One of the things I never really liked was habitually doing something over and over, but I found that it’s important to be disciplined and we need the discipline to make anything happen. To be successful, we need discipline. Committing to journaling every morning and every night or only one or the other or maybe once a week will strengthen your discipline muscle. It is a muscle. Like everything else, consistency and repetition breed success. I’ve lived it. I’ve done it. Just the act of deciding to journal and doing it on a purposeful, consistent basis will help grow your self-discipline muscle.

Growing Self-Confidence

Confidence. That’s the third thing you can gain from journaling. Self-confidence, really? Journaling about positive experiences allows your brain to think about it again and to relive it. And the more we get our brains programmed with those positive things, the more endorphins, the more dopamine, the happier we become. And when those ugly things, whatever they are, rear their ugly head again, it’s these positive reaffirmations that we receive from journaling.

So again, when I started with that pen-mind connection with our hand’s ability to write, it records those things into our brain, which is so important. So how cool is that? There are so many benefits you can get from journaling. I mean, I love going back to look at where I was years ago and seeing the progress that I’ve made in life. Life moves so slow when we always feel like we are not moving fast enough, quick enough, things aren’t happening. If you had a journal and you can go back to last year, or you could go back to five years ago, think how exciting it would be to see your progress, there in writing, it’s in black and white, your story, your novel.

The three main advantages of journaling are: evoking mindfulness, developing self-discipline and growing self-confidence.  There are many other benefits to journaling, but those are the top three.

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