I know what it feels like to be stuck in a rut and feel trapped by the daily grind.  Is whether or not you’re happy based too heavily upon what life is handing you? Can you train your brain to be happy? Yes, YOU can train your brain to be happy, regardless of your circumstances in life. These are just a few of my best daily tips to focus the mind on the positive, projecting a much happier outlook on life. 

Don’t Give a Voice to Negative Thoughts

Negative thoughts are the root of unhappiness. They seep into our brains from every area of our lives, including work, family, and even in our relationships. It’s easy to look around and think, “I’m not good enough,” or “I’ll never get out of this desperate situation.”  As negativity starts to creep in, it begins to multiply inside your mind.  It starts crowding out the happy thoughts and giving them no room to breathe or flourish.

Learning how to be happy starts by refusing to give a voice to your negative thoughts. They don’t serve you well and have no place in your life! We’re all going to have negative thoughts from time to time because we’re human, but there is a way you can break that habit and start to get rid of the negativity for good.

Turn Negative Thoughts into Positive Thoughts

The easiest way to banish negative thoughts is to turn them into positive ones. I know, easier said than done! Trust me, the more we work at it, the easier it becomes. When I find myself dwelling on a negative thought, I stop and take a mental moment to think about how I can transform that thought into a positive one.

For example, I might think, “I’ve eaten so unhealthily today.”  It would be easy for me to dwell on that and keep myself in a guilt-ridden, negative space because I overindulged. However, I can transform that thought into a positive by adding one simple word: but.

“I’ve eaten so unhealthily today, BUT I have the ingredients to make a great salad in the fridge, and I think that’s what I’ll have for dinner tonight.”

You might be thinking, “I have so many bills, there’s no way I’ll get out of debt.” Instead, add a ‘but’ to it and think, “I have so many bills, but I’m going to start paying $20 more for this particular bill each month, and I’ll have it paid off in just 3 more months.”

Don’t just tell your negative thoughts to get out of town — instead, change them into positive thoughts. This is how your brain learns to think happy.

Focus on Positive Affirmations Every Day

Learning how to be happy takes time — it doesn’t happen overnight. Changing our mental behavior takes real effort. Take the time to focus on the positive aspects of each day, even when you’re overwhelmed with negative. Find the silver lining and hold it tight, even if it’s just a small, little thing. Over time, you’ll stop seeing everything in such a negative light. Why, because you will have trained your brain how to be happy — no matter what.

Can you train your brain to be happy?

Repeat after me . . . YES, I CAN!

Share your tips with me!

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