Happiness often seems like an unattainable thing, something that everyone wants but few people have. It also seems like it’s something you must earn or something you have to stumble upon to get it, not something that you can get for yourself. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. You can learn how to be happy and create happiness in your life with these simple secrets.

Being Intent

The key to learning how to create happiness in your life is making it an intentional habit. You have to be intent on being happy. It’s a choice, and it’s one that you must make daily. You must be committed to it and willing to take action to get there. Waiting for happiness to come to you is a little bit like being a venus fly trap sitting on the kitchen windowsill. You’re waiting for the fly, but a kid comes over and sticks his finger in your leaves for kicks, just to watch you react. You close, ready for your prize, only to realize you’ve come up empty. Be intent on creating your happiness and don’t be afraid to go after what makes you happy.

Invest in Gratitude

In today’s society, we’re filled with images from the media that tell us that we aren’t good enough or don’t have enough, and  need this or that to be “happy.” It’s intelligent and often effective marketing, but it’s also untrue. Even so, today’s world makes it difficult to be grateful. We’ve been trained to look for the next thing we want or need instead. Break free of this mindset by continually looking for things in your life that you already have that you are grateful for. I promise, when you look, you will find no shortage of them.

Invest in gratitude and make a point to see everything in your life that brings you joy. If you need to, write it down. Wake up with a mindset of, “I’m going to find ten things I’m grateful for today.” You’ll be surprised at how straightforward and easy this task can be. For example, if you’ve ever paid a $1,200 plumbing bill, you’ll be incredibly grateful when your toilet flushes in the morning.

Practice Forgiveness

When someone does something to hurt you, it’s hard not to be unhappy. Dwelling on it and letting negative thoughts consume you robs you of your happiness. Chances are, whatever happened isn’t worth it. Holding a grudge against someone will eat you up inside, leaving in its wake only negativity, fear, anger, and rejection.

Although real forgiveness is usually not easy, practicing forgiveness in your daily life is a worthy goal. When someone does something that upsets you, try to forgive them. It’s difficult, yes, but doing so will allow you to continue to focus on your happiness. Learn to let go of the negativity brought into your life by others.

Learn to Create Happiness

Learning to create happiness is a matter of retraining your brain. Learn to see the good in things and seek out the things that make you happy. It’s not about waiting for someone to hand you happiness on a silver platter. It’s highly unlikely that’s going to happen. Instead, get up, know you are going to be happy today, find things to be grateful for, and let it go when people hurt. When you are happy, you are unstoppable.