There are many reasons why we should supplement with daily supplements. It’s difficult for anyone to get the adequate 40-plus required nutrients we need daily. Most of us fail to meet the suggested dietary recommendations for many reasons, could include unhealthy food choices, restricted calorie intake, loss of appetite, and ever-changing nutritional needs. Perusing the supplement aisle can be quite daunting. Right? The truth is, not all supplements are created equal. Many supplements are filled with cheap fillers and trace amounts of the vitamins and minerals. It’s important to know which supplements are best for you and which ones you should be taking daily so let’s start with the basics.

Daily Supplements

A friend recently asked if I took a multivitamin, I said, no.  Her reply, “you’re such a big proponent of supplements, and you don’t take a multivitamin?”  Multivitamins are a starting point, but here are many of variables to consider.  The important individual elements to keep in mind are your age, fitness level, activity level, and stresses in your life.  You should evaluate your current health and diet so you can choose what daily supplements are best for you. Blood work will help to determine your deficiencies.  Getting a full blood panel workup done at least once a year is what I recommend.  I typically go two or three times per year so I can monitor my health closely.  Based on my results, I’m able to discuss any concerns with my doctor.  Having all my results readily available, also, allows me to determine which supplements I need to incorporate into my diet.


My number one recommendation is to take a probiotic daily, which are the live cultures found in yogurt. Probiotics are the good bacteria found in your gut that helps to inhibit harmful bacteria. They are essential for optimum gut health. One of my favorite brands is Garden of Life. They have several types of probiotics on the market, but I prefer the RAW probiotics. The 50 & Wiser RAW probiotics by Garden of Life is what I typically take, but they so many varieties depending on your body’s needs.


Enzymes are a necessary part of the digestion process. They break down our food and allow nutrients to be quickly absorbed. We are genetically born with a certain amount of enzymes, which means we don’t all have the same number. Found in all whole live foods, but enzymes are destroyed by cooking and processing. Enzymes are essential to staying young and helping to fight off the aging process, which becomes depleted as we age. Supplementing with enzymes is key to slowing down the aging process. It is recommended to take digestion enzymes thirty minutes before eating your meals to give them time to activate. Garden of Life RAW Enzymes and Enzymedica Digest Gold are two of my favorites.


Oh, the power of greens. I can’t say enough about the importance of incorporating more greens into your diet. They purify your blood, boost immunity, help reduce inflammation, and improve circulation. The list of health benefits of greens are endless, and they are among the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet. Chlorella happens to be my favorite. It’s a blue-green algae similar to spirulina. Chlorella helps to detoxify your body, which contributes to balance your pH. Keeping our bodies in a slightly alkaline state vs. an acid state helps ward off disease. Chlorella can be taken in pill, powdered or in liquid form, but I prefer the tablet version. Chlorella is fantastic for boosting energy, helping to rid the body of heavy metals and stimulate fat loss. It is also an excellent source of vitamin A, C, B1, B2, B3, magnesium, and calcium.

Not all supplements are created equal

Remember, not all supplements are created equal. Do some basic research and discover which brands have the most potent and active ingredients. Your local health food store is a great source of information. They usually have one or more staff who specialize in knowing about the various benefits of specific brands. Based on your needs, the staff can recommend a brand or manufacturer that will give you the best results. Supplements are not a quick fix, and it may take weeks before you experience the benefits. Be patient. If you start to incorporate the daily supplements I’ve recommended, I am confident you will reap the benefits.