Define Love

There are plenty of ways to describe the complex concept of love, in its various forms. However, there is one definition of the word which resonates with me on all levels. If someone were to ask me to define love, I would define love as an “unselfish, loyal or benevolent concern for the good of another.” How do you define love?

Loving people are unselfish and loyal, who are passionate about the success and happiness of others. I believe successful people can make the most powerful impact on the world around them. Individuals who know how to love are people who are inspired by affection.

At this point in my life, I have found something that excites me beyond what I thought was humanly possible. It is my greatest joy to witness other people achieving and accomplishing their goals in life. This is especially true when I can contribute to their ultimate success. When I have a hand in this process, it is an incredible privilege. I consider it an honor to serve another person in any way. I gain fulfillment from helping people untangle confusion or obstacles in the way of their success. It doesn’t matter whether it is a diet-related action plan or developing goals for building a successful business.

Guiding others in a way to achieve their desired outcomes gives me an inexplicable joy and adds meaning to my life. I love to see ordinary people come victoriously through the trials they have been facing. Helping them reach their goals and experience the exhilaration of a well-earned success.

Real success in life is not about finances. Although, there is no doubt that money itself can be a powerful driver in motivating a change in behavior and attitude. If we all had a little more money, just imagine the number of people that we could help do life a little better. It is best to remember that money is a mere tool, not a measure of success.

A Life Assessment

This week’s series has covered four secrets to success: consistency of conduct, authenticity, a laser focus, and love. If we ignore these four crucial secrets for success, it is unlikely we will achieve a happy, fulfilling and amazing life. I have been down some of the not-so-desirable roads in search of success and do not recommend it for anyone else.

Follow your calling, and you will always have success.