Movement is the fifth lesson in the healthy living series.  Even people who do not like exercise need to move, for good reason.  The latest statistics from scientists, physicians, and medical studies show that our sedentary lifestyle today has the equivalent effects on health as smoking.

Sitting is the New Smoking

The generations before us didn’t know what smoking did and today people are finding out that bodies are succumbing to some crazy diseases because there is too much sitting down.  I blame this on the computer age.  All the excuses in the world don’t matter, we must stop sitting. Sitting is the new smoking.

The minute I learned about the dangers of smoking, at age 14 or 15,  I stayed away from it.  I was one of those kids who wasn’t going to go there.  I never indulged in it because of the statistics and I have the same philosophy with sitting.

What do you do if you sit at work all day?  I changed my seating arrangements.  I bought mini desks to raise up my computer and I try to stand for as long as possible.  Set a watch and try to stand for at least five minutes every hour.  Standing for five minutes of every hour, over an eight-hour work day is forty minutes of standing right there.  I bet you could do longer than that, too. Set a goal and manage it.  Mark it, write it down and strive to beat it.  Even at night when I come home tired and want to relax, I don’t sit down.  Instead, every time a commercial comes on, I stand up and march on the spot.

The Lymphatic System

The second benefit of movement is in the lymphatic system.  The lymph system drains the toxicity from our body as we move. It’s not like a muscle, it doesn’t move unless we move.  This means we need to be jumping up and down, or moving, or walking, or running to jumpstart the lymph system to start removing toxins.

Shake, Rattle, and Roll

Have you heard the old saying, “Use it or Lose it?”  To remove toxins from your body through the lymphatic system, you need to get moving.  I call that my “Shake, Rattle and Roll.”  I bet you like to dance, even if you don’t like to exercise. Put on some music and shake your booty. Just shake it. Do anything to move the lymphatic system.

There are little trampolines available in any fitness store – mini trampolines that don’t require you to have good balance or coordination to enjoy a couple of minutes every day.  You can sit on it and bounce, jump on it or use it for aerobic exercise.  It is not difficult to get your lymphatic system moving and I promise you it will change your health for the better.

Exercise and Health Go Hand and Hand

It might sound crazy, but frankly, we were created to be farmers, work the land and be physical.  It is only in this generation that we have come into a computer age, which has ended daily movement. Our bodies were made to move. Exercise and health go hand and hand.  It is okay if you don’t like exercise, but you must make an effort to move throughout the day.  It is a simple step towards healthier living.