Feeling overwhelmed? You’re in the right place!

Being overwhelmed is such a big issue today!! Everywhere I turn it feels like as a society we are overwhelmed about something like having to be “perfect” all the time,  having a to-do list that is never-ending, or running from one thing to the next without any time for yourself. If this sounds like you, this episode is a must-listen.

The feeling of overwhelm doesn’t just happen when we are adults. I remember as a child feeling indecisive about which donut I wanted on a Sunday morning. That feeling even as a child was overwhelming. As I got older, I have been able to free myself from all of that and I am so excited to share with you how I did it in this episode. 

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Things We Cover in this Episode:

  • How to overcome overwhelm
  • Creating a routine that serves you
  • Scriptures to help calm the chaos

Here is a full transcription of Episode #007: What to do when you are feeling overwhelmed. (Please excuse any typos or punctuation errors. This transcription was auto-generated!)

(00:00): Music has been part of my life since I was a little girl. I remember passing the time in the car, my dad in the front seat, my mom right next to him and five little girls to along the station wagon, anybody who remembers that word, the station wagon in the back, and we would sing Wetta, which was my dad's way of teaching us French. Oh my gosh. We love music as a family. And I seem to remember songs better than anything in my life. You know, just yesterday I was walking on a path in the morning and I started singing. Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path. And I envisioned flashlights bead on my feet. It was kind of dark out. And these flashlights going before me along the path, so I could see and not fall off the path.

(00:55): Well, that phrase or that song is actually Bible scripture. That was turned into a song that I learned years ago. Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path. And what came to mind was our recent episode about the blueprint that God has for every one of our lives, the actual path he'd like us to follow. And the fact that his word is the flashlight to light the way you're going to want to stay tuned today because Theresa and I are going to share the truth about how God can guide every step on the path of your life.

(01:34): Welcome to the well versed woman podcast. I'm Renee teller here with my cohost Theresa Morgan, where to perfectly imperfect women who have a heart to share. God's love with you. If you've been tuning in the last several episodes we have shared with you about how important it is to have a relationship with God, not religion, how God is, love how God actually created every one of us and has a blueprint, a plan for our lives. But before we get started, you know, we always like to stop for 20 seconds and really ground ourselves and give ourselves the opportunity to hear from God, to be still and open our hearts and our minds and our ears to listen to what God would have to say today. So I want you to close your eyes while we start our 20 seconds of being still and asking God to intervene right now, here we go.

(02:47): [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible],

(03:04): There's our 20 seconds. Doesn't that feel better? And while you're being still go ahead and hit that subscribe button, because if this is your first time listening, you're going to want to go back and listen to the other episodes. And if you hit subscribe, you'll be reminded to go back and listen to what God had to say in the previous three episodes. You certainly don't want to miss any of that. Do you Teresa that's right. Renee. Absolutely not. So we are building this relationship with God as we listen to the word of God, which is the scriptures. And as I said in the beginning, the word is the lamp unto our feet and the light unto our path. And that seems kind of crazy that we can actually study the word that Theresa and I are bringing to you through this podcast here, those truths, the word is true, accurate, and complete.

(04:02): And it can actually be our guidance to this life that we're trying to live. Right, Theresa. That's exactly right, Renee. You know, God's word the Bible. It's such a treasure chest of the greatest truths in life that one could ever know in it. We have explored, and we've talked a little bit about in this book, we find a God who, because of his intense love for us, took on the form of a man in order to come to the earth, he had may and pay the penalty for the sins of the mankind that he had made. Wow. So Jesus suffered died on the cross for everyone so that everyone who receives this truth by faith are reunited to God. You know, John chapter one verse 14 tells us that this God man, Jesus Christ grow out with him, grace and truth. I so love that.

(04:55): I so love that here is a God who loves humanity and he takes on the form of flash to come down and be a living example and a model in a teacher of the greatest truths so that our life is filled with good and precious things. And then he dies on a cross, sheds his blood for us. This is love. This is truth in this is grace in action. In the, in the pages of the Bible, we see a God that over and over beckons us to come to him and follow him in John chapter eight, verse 12, Jesus says, I'm the light of the world. If you follow me, you won't have to walk in darkness because you will have the light that leads to life. Renee, the scripture you referred to about God's word, being a lamp unto our feet and a light into our path that is found in Psalm one 19 verse one Oh five.

(05:50): Wow. A divine God that provides a divine flashlight. Amazing. So true Theresa and the greatest love. And we know this and we honor our military. And in the times we're living right now, we honor our health care workers because we talk about the greatest love being that one lays down their life for another that's what God did. He sent his son. And that's what you're saying to lay down his life for us because we had to be human sinful man had to be reconciled to this. Perfect. God had God, the father, son, and Holy spirit. We needed that reconciliation. We needed a savior because in our humanity, we couldn't have a relationship with an all perfect God without the savior. So that makes sense. That's exactly right. Because the Bible declares and teaches without the shedding of blood, there was no remission for sin. So the beautiful thing is Jesus Christ came.

(06:50): He kept the law perfectly. And then he shed that blood. And when we, by faith except Jesus into our hearts to be Lord and savior, the great exchange takes place. We become righteous. The Bible says he who knew no sin became sin. That we might become the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. Now that that may be a big word for some righteousness, but plainly what it means is that we come back into right standing with God. And once their right standing with God is established in the Holy spirit comes to live inside of our spirit. The blueprint has begun the blueprint of life. And as we walk with him, his grace leads us room by room, his hand at our hand to unfold the plans in the purposes in life. You know, I, I say to people when I teach this Renee that if a fish is out of water, they're barely alive.

(07:47): But when they get placed back into the water, they can swim and breathe and gain the oxygen. They're now fulfilling their purpose. I liken that to the experience that we have with God, when the Holy spirit comes into our spirits to live and take up residence, he doesn't just sit there, right? He has a job to perform in that is helping us to unfold the very pages of our life. And he does it in such a beautiful way through his love, through his grace. He'll take us in, he'll start teaching us what we were meant to do. And I love that. That sounds too good to be true. Doesn't it. You might be asking yourself that I remember back to those five little girls in the car singing Alla Wetta we, every Sunday after church used to get donuts and I was so indecisive, I would let the donut plate, Teresa go all around the table until everybody had what they wanted, because it didn't really matter to me what donut and that permeated my life, you know, through college and beyond.

(08:51): And when I got to know that I could have a God direct my steps and I didn't have to make every decision. It sounded too good to be true that God actually wants to lead me in life. And if I spent more time going to him being still like we do for 20 seconds, every episode meditating being with him, he will reveal this truth that you're talking about. And it is too good to be true. It's actually wonderful, right? It is so wonderful. Psalm chapter 37 verse 23 says the Lord directs the steps of the godly. And he delights in every detail of their lives. It's, it's such a beautiful picture of a loving father who comes in and says, here, here are the details of your life. Here's the blueprints. Here's, what's going to bring you oxygen and real life, and you're not alone.

(09:49): I'm going to lead you step by step. And I delight in doing this Psalm 37 verses four and five says, delight yourself in the Lord. And he gives you the desires of your heart, commit your way to him, trust in him. And he brings things to pass. Wow, so many beautiful verses of the Bible. They give us confidence in faith, in believing that God will do what he says he will do in his word. Psalm 32 eight says, God is speaking. I will instruct and teach you in the way you should go. I will guide you with my eye. Romans eight 14 says for as many or as are led by the spirit of God, these are the sons of God. There is not a better way in life to live each day than being led by God, the creator. Yeah, absolutely. The important thing, the important element that's involved in this guidance that we want because people might say, well, I've prayed and I don't get guidance.

(10:50): And I love when you talk about how we need to cooperate with God, how we need to yolk ourselves to him, trace us for one thing, right? How we need to be tied, head to head with God as we go through. That's exactly correct. In this day. And in these times we're living, many of us have such a heavy heart to see what is going on in the injustices and the tragedies. And I don't think you would be human if you didn't feel the heaviness. But Jesus says in his word in Matthew 11, verse 28, God back ends us. Come to me, all you who labor and are heavy Laden. And I will give you rest, take my yoke upon you and learn from me for, I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy.

(11:40): And my burden is light in the next episode, Renee and I are going to be sharing about the incredible grace of God. And when we are yoked to God, yoking means so to him that he lifts our bird. And he comes in with special anointing, which has God's grace to do what we cannot do on our own. And we know just by looking at the world, the beauty of life, that when he touches something, he brings a whole new dimension of joy and understanding and peace that we cannot obtain on our own. It reminds me of my fears, which caused my perfectionism, Theresa, that I'm so afraid that I'm gonna miss step. So afraid that everything isn't going to be perfect. And that was before I knew the Lord that was before I brought Jesus into my heart. Since then my perfectionism still exists and I work on it, but I am reminded over and over again about the grace of God.

(12:48): And I love the scripture. One of the scriptures that I recited early on in my journey, which was at limitations three 22 and 23, that God's compassions, never fail. His mercies are new every morning. I used to say to myself, his mercies are new every morning. It's okay, Renee and greatest is faithfulness. And next week you're going to want to stay tuned. And you're going to want to understand deeply this grace of God. It is powerful. The grace of God enables the truths of his word to be accessed in such a way that we're able to do it. So let's just give a practical example here in a, if, if we see in the word of God, that God's words says to love one another, yeah, we might be angry at our partner, angry at our spouse, and we might want to act in the flash and right, come up and say something nasty, or just take our anger out that grace of God comes in where we can just say, Lord help in the help of the Holy spirit starts infiltrating our emotions and our minds so that we don't stuff what we're feeling, but it is brought into a situation that will bring calm in that it will bring peace.

(14:11): You know, the Bible has a lot to say about being angry, but do not sin. The Bible has a lot to say about a soft word, turns away wrath. So in every situation in life, we can look to God and because of his grace for us, he'll come in almost as a rescue, but he does it with us because he wants us to grow. And I think, you know, if, if we understand that there is a cooperation on our part with God, um, so that our character can grow. And so that we can become all God wants us to become. If we understand that there is a cooperation is needed, we will be better able then to embrace the grace of God when it comes. That's perfect. Theresa. Again, if this is overwhelming, this thought of a relationship with God is just so big and overwhelming. You're going to let us stay too next week. As we share with you more about God's grace, Tracy,

(15:14): We have to ask the question that we ask every week. What is the well versed? Woman's favorite verse of the Bible? Absolutely. Renee Romans 10 17 says faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. Amen. Amen. Now, just to remind everyone, we are giving away free, well versed woman journals so that you can take notes on these episodes to the first 100 that write a review. So I need you to go to your podcast, hit subscribe, and write a review. In addition, please, don't forget that the scriptures that we talk about in every episode are in what they call the show notes. So if you scroll down on your favorite podcast platform and click on the word details and continue scrolling, you're going to get the links that you need to click on to get the show notes. If there's any questions about that process or questions about these episodes, please feel free to reach out to us@reneatreneeteller.com or on any social media platform. And we do have a community Facebook group called well versed woman. So go ahead and ask to join that group. We'd love to answer your questions in there as well until next time we love you. We'll see you soon.