Baby Steps

Learn to get comfortable being uncomfortable by putting yourself in little situations that can’t really hurt you. Why start with small uncomfortable situations? – Baby steps. If you start small and slowly start to work up to bigger steps, you can actually get comfortable being uncomfortable.  For instance, if you started a new workout plan at the gym in time you’d start to see muscles develop. Get comfortable being uncomfortable is training your brain muscle similar to going to the gym.  It’s true.

I was laughing at one of my friends who was at my house the other day when he said – “I do it when I am cooking breakfast in the morning.”  We were talking about getting comfortable being uncomfortable and how he takes baby steps.  He went on to say, “did you ever try to flip an egg in a pan? I crack the egg in the frying pan and want to flip it like they do in the restaurants. It looks so cool when they flip the egg, but every time I’ve tried it, I felt scared.  Yes, It’s a little scary, but I thought what’s the worst that can happen?”  This is a perfect example.  It’s a little scary, but again what’s the worst that could happen? It’s unlikely he’d get hurt so the risk is low.  Perhaps, he breaks the yolk or the egg splats on the stove.

Maybe his breakfast isn’t all he hope for but he stepped out of comfort zone and tried.  I’m sure if he continues to try to flip the egg on a regular basis, he will master this skill.

Get Comfortable being Uncomfortable

When you work on overcoming your anxious muscle daily.  Whether you choose to try to flip an egg in the comfort of your own kitchen or decide to tackle another baby step, that simply act every day will help you feel less anxious when you try something new. You are training your brain to get comfortable being unfordable. Does that make sense?

Most important, you will begin to realize that being uncomfortable is a great thing. Train your brain to understand that being uncomfortable is exciting. It means you are growing. It means you are doing things outside your comfort zone and that’s how you are going to be able to live an amazing life.

Get comfortable being uncomfortable