How can we release control and know that God will protect us?

I am hearing more and more from listeners of this podcast, friends, and families that right now they are experiencing more fear, anxiety, and uncertainty in their lives. If this is you too, then this episode is for you. 

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Things We Cover in this Episode:

  • How to release control
  • How to know God will protect you
  • Learn about God’s grace

Here is a full transcription of Episode #018: Release Control: Know that you are protected by God’s grace (Please excuse any typos or punctuation errors. This transcription was auto-generated!)

(00:00): Inevitably when I was a little girl going to bed at night, I would be screaming and my dad would come running into the room. There it is. There it is another spider in my bed. I couldn't go to sleep until dad completely stripped my bed of its sheets and rebate it. And even then I was still scared. It's pretty ironic that I grew up and built a home on a Lake. Yikes, spider headquarters. There are spiders everywhere. Guess what? I'm no longer afraid of spiders, although they're still not my favorite creatures. What happened is I've learned about them and I've learned how they move and where they go. And I've learned to keep them out of my space and let them live in their own just because I'm not a kid anymore. Doesn't mean I don't have fears. And they're a lot bigger than spider fears. I bet you may be feeling the same way, but the truth is we can learn how to deal with those fears and the truth can set us free.

(01:17): Welcome to episode 18 of the well versed woman podcast. I'm Renee teller. I'm Theresa Morgan. We are two perfectly imperfect women who have our part to share our space in life's testimonies with you and what we've shared and what our faith is about is the love of God. And we know if you stay tuned, you're going to experience that same love of God and have more peace and less fears in your life than you ever thought possible. But way back in episode one, we talked about how we need to start listening by plugging into this big power stores, plugging into our creator. And so every episode we take 20 little seconds to be still. And during this time, I want you to take some deep breaths and ask God to open your ears, your eyes, and mostly your heart to what he'd have to tell you today. So 20 seconds starts right now. Here we go.

(02:49): [inaudible]

(02:49): That's it. That was 20 seconds. And you know, I'm going to encourage you to grow that 20 seconds every morning. When open your eyes, try to take 30 seconds,

(03:02): Try to take two whole minutes to be still and connect with God every Sunday.

(03:10): Good morning. Before your feet hit the ground, it will be life changing as you grow that still time. Won't it? Teresa? Yup,

(03:18): Absolutely. Well, Renee he's faith.

(03:21): So great. And you know, I don't know if you were afraid of spiders, Teresa, but they really, you know, you just didn't like the way they even locked with that small body and those long skinny legs. The ones that always seem to be in my bed were daddy long legs. Oh my gosh. And I guess they're like the sweetest of all spiders.

(03:44): So I've learned, but how can we really learn to be at peace?

(03:53): These fears arise, Theresa. When we have unrest, when there's unrested seams all around us today,

(04:00): It's so difficult to come our spirits and to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that everything is okay, you know, absolutely Renee. And what I'm thinking of right now is yesterday. I took my grandson Noah to get ice cream. Last week, Noah was stung by a bee. So here we are yesterday at one of our favorite ice cream places. And we're sitting outside and I'm, you know, low to the ground because of course each shows the outdoor table for children with has embedded in it, his numbers and his ladders. And we're having a wonderful time, big smile on his face. Then all of a sudden, the big smile turn to a frown. And I just knew it was a fearful from, and I'm like Noah. And he looked over and I looked in the direction that he was looking in. There was a bee and I'm like, honey. He said, Nani, I'm afraid in that moment. I said to him, Noah, I've got you. I will protect you. And when the became, I shooed that be away, the smile returned on his face because he had faith that Nona was in control and that I would protect him in. He had beyond a shadow of a doubt that he knew that he knew that what I said was true. It's so true.

(05:26): True. Isn't it Teresa. So you're talking about a B, and I'm talking about spiders and the listeners may be saying the spiders and the bees are way bigger out there right now. And I hear you ladies, but what we're trying to relay is this idea

(05:44): That my dad, Nona Theresa came beside and protected. It is

(05:53): Same. If you've been listening to these episodes, the relationship

(05:58): God has with us is even bigger than our relationship

(06:02): Shipped with our children, which we talk about a lot. The relationship is bigger and God is bigger. So even though you're sitting there saying the spiders and bees out there right now are way bigger, our God is way bigger. So go ahead, trace. I know where you're heading.

(06:21): Yes, absolutely. You know, our God is way bigger. And what we have to realize is that when we seek God for anything in our life, Renee, whether it's healing protection from the storms, raging, etc. We do it by grace through faith. The Bible says in Ephesians chapter two, verses eight and nine, that for by grace, we have been saved through faith that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God, not of works, least anyone should boast. So our faith is a fluid substance between us and God. And our faith is what activates, if you will, the power of God. So of course this podcast is all about being well versed because when we are well versed, we're in true Bible Fay, when we're in true Bible faith that activates God's power to move on our behalf, but it brings to us in return the peace to know that God is acting on what his word says that he will do.

(07:34): So a few reminders before we get into the gray scriptures, a few reminders to our listeners today that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. That's Hebrews chapter 13 verse day, God says in his word that the covenant that he has made with mankind through the blood of his son, he will not break some 89 verse 34. God is saying my covenant, I will not break or alter the word that has gone out of my lips. Some one eight, one 19 verse 89 says forever, his word is settled in heaven. So what we need to understand in it's very simple, Renee, like you say, we'd like to make things very simple is that we see something in the word and we can believe God for it. It's really as simple as that. So God is faithful. He's faithful to perform his word because he actually watches over it to performance. So again,

(08:42): I love the simplification and you were going back and we need to exactly what you're doing for all of us, Teresa, because this grace thing, you know, what is grace? I mean, people, what comes to mind? I think his gracefulness and all of that, but the biblical definition is that grace is free favor of God towards humans and is necessary for salvation. I'm reading a love going back to, you know, the Webster's dictionary, free favor of God towards humans. And that's when, when we Teresa and I talk about grace, free favor of God, can you imagine, just let that sink in. I just, I love that definition that this big God that we've

(09:35): Talked about four weeks now, Tracy

(09:39): Just gives us favor for free. And that's exactly where you were just talking about. Now

(09:46): I work. It is God's love in action. You know, I think about your dad coming in to arrest those spiders immediately, that, which you didn't have to work for, that you just had a cry out dad, same way with us. We just cry out on the father. As the Bible says in, he is there and it's our faith that activates his beautiful grace Psalm one Oh three 17 says, but the mercy of the Lord is from everlasting to everlasting on those who are fair and his righteousness to his children's children to such as keep his covenant into those who remember his commandments to do them. So we can also look at grace, his mercy inaction, and that is such an amazing, amazing attribute of the scriptures is to now that this free flowing grace, this free-flowing mercy, this favor from God to mankind is available through our face. And I love the word in Psalm one Oh three for mercy. The Hebrew word is Hasid it's Hasid. And it means the loving kindness of God. Wow. The loving kindness of God. He performs he's around us. He's willing. And boy, he is able Renee isn't he? He, he is amazing.

(11:21): So if I heard that for the first time where my mind goes, Teresa is okay, I'm buying in to this fact that this God is so loving that he gives us this free favor. He gives us grace willingly and openly. And then there was a little caveat through our faith. So now I'm understanding that I've really got a deep in my faith. And that what you just said is what this podcast is all about. We deepen our faith by knowing the word of God. And that is exactly why throughout every single episode, we spend so much time.

(12:16): I'm showing you in there

(12:18): Bible in the word of God,

(12:22): Where these scriptures are, that

(12:24): We can all rely on because his word never fails. His word is true

(12:32): Truth. And so there's no,

(12:35): No need again, to fear that my faith isn't big enough. All I need to do is spend time in the word and spend time with God and spend time on that relationship.

(12:48): That's absolutely correct because the Bible says faith as a mustard seed can move mountains. The Bible says, as you draw nigh to him, he draws nigh to you. You know, just that simple father. You know, Noah didn't have to say much to me yesterday. Just the look he looked to me for protection in. That's what we do when we look to God, that is our faith in the action. And so some of these promises for protection, they're so big in my heart because you know, back in the day, I did not know God was my protector. I didn't have faith for this. And so I felt like I was just free falling all the time. And once I understood that God is my protector, that he does provide this for me, it anchored my soul so that I could walk the earth without that anxiety. And without that fear. So let's look at just a few scriptures that where God promises protection, some 32 seven says you, God are my hiding place. You shall preserve me from trouble. You shall surround me with songs of deliverance. How beautiful is that? Oh God great.

(14:06): And I ha I've got a read from the passion Bible, Theresa, Canada,

(14:11): That's next. And you go for it. You go for a Renee. This passion Bible was given to me by a special friend recently, and I just loved the translation. So Proverbs two verses seven and eight. Listen to this for the Lord has a hidden storehouse of wisdom made accessible to his gut.

(14:34): Sadly lovers, that's us. He becomes,

(14:37): This is my favorite. He becomes your personal body guard. As you follow him,

(14:42): His ways, I always wanted a bodyguard, Teresa protecting and guarding you

(14:48): As you choose what is right? So

(14:52): The, the qualifications here, again, remind me Theresa. My heart has to be in the right place,

(15:01): Right? So he's my personal

(15:04): Bodyguard. As I follow his ways, protecting and guarding me as I choose what is bright.

(15:13): That's absolutely correct. We can't run out in the street without looking both ways and expect that protection. I mean, you know, God will move accordingly and I don't want to put God in a box and say, he wouldn't protect you because you, because God moves it just miraculously. But I think the point here in the scripture is by knowing his word and by using the brain, God gave us to make the correct choices. You know, simply don't be in a dangerous area, you know, in the dark pray. As you go forth with your day, you know, the attentive to the warnings of the Holy spirit, we have to combine wisdom. But the word we hear

(16:01): Exactly how that proverb starts, right? The Lord has a storehouse of wisdom for his godly lovers. And we have to access that. We have to plug into the power source. We have to be still so that we can hear him. That's been one of my greatest lessons, probably the last five years. And we've talked about that, right? Theresa, when I went through that tumor, what a beautiful thing that, that tumor taught me or forced me into stillness because I was afraid. And I had no other hope, but to be still and rest in that hiding place, which is the, the Psalm that you quoted, you are my hiding place. You shall preserve me from trouble. You shall surround me with songs of deliverance. Oh, so, so great. This word, we can stand on trace. We can stand on solid footing because it's been proven over and over again. And, and our earlier episodes talked about that proving ground. So don't forget to go back and listen to those everyone.

(17:15): Yeah. Yeah. You know, Renee, that tumor was probably one of the biggest spiders that you had to face in life. And it was just such a joy to be able to come alongside you and together, push that spider out and push the fear of it through faith, by going, getting right into the healing scriptures in going over and over. So the mental assent to the scriptures became embedded into your heart into true Bible faith. So no one can take from you Renee. No one can take from me the faith that we know that he is healer. Let's look for a minute. It's Psalm 91. It's, it's one of my famous go-to scriptures for protection. And I have gone over this scripture in my mind, over and over, even before it became, in-bedded like a well rooted tree into the ground, Psalm 91 verses nine to 10, 11 in 15 through 16.

(18:22): So listen to these words because you have made the Lord who is my refuge. Even the most high, your dwelling place, no evil shall be fall. You nor shall any plague come near your dwelling. Wow. That's just stop there for a minute. I know this by heart. I quote it by heart. In what I do is I insert people that I love my children, my grandchildren. I insert their names here. I will pray father. I thank you and praise you because I've made you Lord, who is my refuge. Even the most time I glowing place, no evil shall be fall. Myself, Jack, Joseph and Jacob, Noah Giana. And I thank you for that, nor shall any plague come nigh hard. Wellings for father here's verse 11. You give your angels charge over all of us to keep us in all of our ways. I thank you, Lord.

(19:20): When we call upon you in prayer, you answer us. You are with us, you are with us in trouble. You deliver us non or us in with long life. You satisfy us and show us your salvation. Now I have said I have lost track. I couldn't even tell you the hundreds of times that I have quoted that crated inserted my names in the names of family and loved ones and good friends. And that's how that scripture and the knowledge of God is protective has come into my heart and has become a reality. Wow, Theresa, that you've totally motive.

(20:00): They did me to memorize this. And before our next episode, I promise you, this is going to be memorized

(20:07): Because you know, I did

(20:09): Memorize scripture and have memorized scripture, of course,

(20:12): But right now for a time, such as this, this is a perfect, beautiful one to memorize. And again, a reminder that we do put these scriptures in the show notes, we have printable versions for you to debt, to print out and put on your mind

(20:34): Or stick in your purse to, you know, take out when you're stopped at a red light to go over and over. That's how Theresa memorizes them. You just say them and keep them with you several times a day. Just like anything else. And if you have to just keep the paper with you, so be it like that may be the case for me, but I love that point. The other point that I love is you just taught us how to pray. When we talk about praying the scriptures, where you insert the names.

(21:10): So you take these words,

(21:12): You make them extremely personal to you, which is exactly what God intended. He intends these words in his Bible to be personal for each one of us. They are so personal. Once you start to read and say, you know, to yourself, you'll pick up a reading in the morning and say, how did you know God? How do you have charge over so many responsibilities? You're the best multi-tasker I've ever met. You have charge over all these people. And yet you put that there for me this morning, when I was down on my knees, crying for help. And I opened the Bible and there is something that is just what I needed, just what I needed. It's it's unbelievable. And that's how you begin to know how personal our relationship with this God is. He's not, we're not like in the back row, Teresa of the auditorium, watching the rockstar on stage, we're up on stage with him. Aren't we

(22:22): That's absolutely right. You know, the Bible says we are the Apple of his eye. The Bible says his thoughts toward us are more than the number of grains of grains of sand. You know, I had a seashore. I mean, he dances about us. The Bible says he's so in love with his mankind, just like your dad, Rene was so in love with you and your sisters. And of course he would jump to any, any need that you had. Of course, that that's God times a million zillion, right? Because his love is so far reaching. It's just so deep in his power is for us. And he is faithful. He's faithful to respond. He has never let any human being down and he's not going to start in 2020. He's not going to start in the U S the Bay is not going to start around an election time where there's unrest, uncertainty and seems to be devastation in sickness all around us, hiding lop.

(23:28): The scripture that talks about it's Romans chapter five, verse 20. And it says that moreover, the law entered that the offense might abound, but we're sin, abounded, grace, much more abounds. I'm going to leave the first of the scripture law, because I really want to get into the second theme that wow, where sin, abounds, where we see destruction, where we see lawlessness about his grace, even it comes to Trump, the sin and the devastation around us. So we can see God power, God's power move individually on our behalf. And then we see that power spread out like a pebble hitting the water. It's first, just one reverberation. Then it starts right, moving out. That's God in the world. And we spark that through our say one person's faith can spark a whole title wave of his power. So it had an amazing thing. That's what we're called to do as his disciples

(24:39): In this day. There's so many scriptures in the Bible about that. I love that you say the faith of one. And can you imagine if we all activate our faith during this time and our belief and our steadfastness to stand strong on these words and the scripture that you just said, which is where there's more trouble. Grace comes, pouring out all the more. So it's almost like the sun coming through while the hurricane's going on, you know, and you just, you know, there's hope and it's going to be just amazing.

(25:18): Watch God's grace, flood the earth,

(25:21): Flood the earth if we activate our faith. And so that's our encouragement today that we activate that faith, that we encourage you to activate your faith by repeating the scriptures over and over again, and believe

(25:40): They're true because they are, they are true in a and again, we could keep our listeners here and, you know, tell them concrete testimonies. But one thing I really would like to leave our listeners before we close today's podcast is that Hebrews 10 23 says this, let us hold fast. The confession of our hope without wavering. So what is that? Let us hold fast. The confession of the scriptures. Okay. The scriptures is what brings us hope and secures us in faith. Let us hold fast. So even though I might see things happening, I am continually saying, the Lord is my strong tower. He will protect me from evil, right? We're going to hold fast, that confession. And then the last part is for he, who promised is faithful. He who promised. So our job is to be faithful in space, and then he moves his moves

(26:44): On our behalf. So great. I think there's so much packed in here, Theresa, that we should take the next few weeks and talk about this grace, this free favor of God. And we'll spend the next couple of weeks digging deep in that to give all of us some more confidence, some more strength, some more peace in these times. How does that sound? That sounds terrific. You know, Renee, I'm thinking, you know that God is beckoning us. He's backing us individually. He's back running the world at large to say, I have oceans of grace for you in large, your straws and drink deed of that in larger straws. Everyone take that and put that on your mirror in larger straws. Cause we're going to be drinking the grace of God for the next period of time. Yeah. And that's what his word comes to do. You know, we can't enlarge our straws without the word of God in meditating on the word. Speaking of the word, what is our favorite well-versed woman, scripture tracer, Romans 10, 17. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God till next time. Thanks for listening.

(28:10): Now, if you have not subscribed to this channel yet, you need to, and you need to go back and continue reviewing the principles for foundation for your faith. We still have some well-versed woman journals that we will send you if you rate and review this podcast. So please stay to and do that. Don't forget. Download those show notes, especially the scriptures. This week. I challenge you to memorize that scripture Theresa gave us from Psalm 91. It will be in the show notes. So go ahead, scroll down. Look at the details on this episode. And you'll be able to print that out and memorize it with me until next week. We love you. God's grace be with you.

(28:58): Amen. Amen.