Peace is defined as freedom from quarrels and disagreements; harmonious relations.

Last week, we began laying the foundation of where peace comes from.

In this week’s episode, Theresa and Renée discuss some practical recommendations of exactly what you can start doing today to have more peace.

Peace is something you can’t see but you certainly can feel. It’s similar to faith, the substance of what we hope for and the evidence of what we cannot see! Mixing faith with God’s promises delivers inner peace. 

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Things We Cover in this Episode:

  • How to find inner peace?
  • What can we do during these times to feel more at ease?
  • Let go and trust.

Here is a full transcription of Episode #028- Did you know that God makes us promises? (Please excuse any typos or punctuation errors. This transcription was auto-generated!)

(00:00): I learned to snow ski when I was four years old in Austria of all crazy places. So by the time I was 10 years old, you can imagine what a dare devil I was. I get to the top of that Hill and I would bomb right down the Hill. Well, it happened one IC president's day holiday. The whole family was skiing and down. I went flipped right in the air, came down and twisted my ankle. So my ski was facing uphill, even though my boot was still attached, it was pretty ugly. But I had a cast from my toes all the way to my hip for three whole months. You can imagine what my four sisters colored that cast with for three whole months, it was beautiful. Mostly written on Nat cast was P E a C E peace. We had peace words and peace signs and all that beautiful stuff from the seventies. And today we're going to continue our discussion of peace. This unrest that we're feeling is not new. I remember back in those days, that peace was the word of the day. So stay tuned because it is the word of today.

(01:25): Welcome to episode 28 of the well-versed woman podcast. I'm Renee teller and I'm Theresa Morgan. You see Renee and I are two perfectly imperfect women that have a heart to share our faith and our life's journeys with you. See what we've journeyed through. What we've experienced in this life is the love of God. And that brings peace. God says he is the Prince of peace. And if you stay tuned today, you're going to learn more about that piece, how to get it and how to live in that peace day after day. But before we get started, we start every episode the same way. And this also is step one to bringing you peace. We're going to sit very still for 20 seconds right now, take some very slow, deep breaths, close your eyes. If you're not driving and just relax and invite God, ask him right now that Prince of peace to come into your heart and fill it up so that you can hear from God. Here we go. Our 22nd starts

(02:51): [inaudible] had said

(02:54): That was 20 seconds. And we use just 20 little seconds during these episodes so that you can see and feel how much a tiny little bit can do to calm yourself down and get you ready to hear from God. If you grow that every single morning, even if you grow it by 20 seconds at a time, till you get to five whole minutes of just being still, it's going to permeate every cell of your body. And you're going to feel God living right in there with you, bringing you that peace that you're craving right now, CISO, we grew up in the same era and I bet you remember the peace and rope peace in your notebooks and peace at school. And everything was about peace. Wasn't it? Back in that day.

(03:41): Yes, it sure was Renee. You know, I I'm, I love your analogy with the cast and Oh my goodness. Yes. You're bringing me back here to my memories of that peace sign and people would hold up their fingers. You know, Pete, the peace movement in what I'm thinking is that was an external piece, right? That was people trying to almost tell you the pieces available, right? But it wasn't an inner peace. And the difference in what we're going to be talking about today is if you're a Christian and you know, Jesus as your Lord and savior to peace that we have is not from the outside. It's not the world with a peace sign or snake he's peace, right? We actually have the fruit of the Holy spirit inside of us. That brings us internal peace. And today we're going to be talking about how you mind that piece, if you will, right? If you're a coal miner, right? You're going to be mining what's inside. Same thing as a Christian, peace is ours because the Holy spirit is the spirit of Jesus, who is the Prince of peace. And we're going to be looking at some scriptures today that show us that peace resides in us if you know the Lord. So,

(05:03): So true and what we know as well. And what we've talked about in previous episodes is we need to take action to activate things. We need to practice piece pieces in us. But without that mixing, like we talked in episode 26, Theresa, when we were speaking about how to hear from God, we were talking about mixing the word, the word of God, the scriptures in the Bible with our faith. We mix that together. It's like the active ingredient to set fire to the, the thing that we're trying to practice, whether it's trying to hear from God or trying to activate peace in our, in our inner being Theresa. So the mixing faith with the word, just like episode 26

(05:58): Is kind of our step one to manifest that patient our life. That's absolutely correct. Renee. We, we appropriate God's peace by faith. Everything we receive from God is by grace, through faith, by grace, through faith, we receive salvation. We believe the gospel and it's by faith through grace that we also appropriate the beautiful benefits of salvation, the beautiful benefits that come with salvation. It's like a beautiful gift that once we enrapt it we're going to see, Oh, just so many beautiful benefits that flow from the initial invitation to invite Jesus into our heart. You know, I love first Timothy chapter six, verse 12. Paul wrote this book to Timothy, a pastor who was going through tough times in Israel and he tells Timothy fight the good fight of faith lay hold on eternal life to which you were also called and have confessed the good confession in the presence of many witnesses.

(07:05): So interesting enough, you know, our foundational scripture, that faith comes by hearing and hearing the word of God. So the confession of the Christian ought to be the word of God and what I have noticed and what I have experienced in my journey with the Lord is that, you know, my emotions sometimes can feel out of rest, um, or very unpeaceful. But once I start confessing the word of God in once I align myself with God's word, faith begins to arise in my heart. And that's when the peace of God, that is part of the fruit of the Holy spirit arises. And before, you know, it, there's a blanket of peace in a calm, not because necessarily the outside circumstances have changed overnight, but because inside, I know the God of peace is ultimately in control of what's happening in my life and in control of what's happening in the world.

(08:06): So when you know that God is bringing into order his plan and his purposes, there is a radiant peace and the Holy spirit takes hold of that. And there's that supernatural blanketing as the Bible says in Philippians, when we make our prayers and our requests known to God, his peace that passes all understanding begins to guard your heart and mind and not the Greek of that Rene, it actually says the peace of God, mounts Garrison. You know, so when I think of those words, Mount Garrison, you know, you think of a strong army that is just standing tall with the battle gear on that is surrounding your heart, protecting it from the anxiety that can come in that wants to come to disturb your peace.

(09:02): Just so true. I can't, you know, stress enough that this is, this is work. This is what our work needs to be about. Our work needs to be about practicing these things that we read in the scripture. And like you said, Theresa, once you sit still and listen to the word, whether you're listening to podcasts like this, or you're listening to so many beautiful podcasts and YouTube episodes out there where you can hear somebody reading you the scripture over and over again, just filling your heart and your mind with those things. It brings you peace. It's very hard to still be unrest and unrest. When you are listening to these beautiful words, I love to Theresa that we talk about it's our right, it's our right to have this peace. That's what the word says, right?

(10:04): That is exactly correct. You know, even after what, after salvation comes into our heart, even though after we're saved, we still have freedom of choice. And this is the thing that I like would like to communicate today. That listeners, you have a choice. You have a choice to turn your mind into turn your thoughts to the word of God and confess those scriptures and leave aside. Let, uh, let, let the worlds in the cares of the world, leave that aside, turn your attention to the word of God, confess the word of God. I love what Hebrews chapter six verse 12 says it. It says in we desire that each of you show the same diligence to the full assurance of hope until the end that you do not become sluggish, but imitate those who through faith and patience inherit the promises of God. And then in Hebrews six 19, this hope we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure.

(11:08): And steadfast in that is the key here. The promises of God will anchor your soul. If you give your full attention to it, you know, whatever you give your attention to is what is going to start coming to pass in your life. So if you're feeling anxious, give your attention to the word of God and start confessing out of your mouth. The things that you're believing for, and if they don't happen overnight, continue to confess that because faith will arise in when faith arises. It's impossible for the word of God not to come to pass because God himself, the Holy is activated through your faith in through the good confession of God's word out of your mouth. I love to go back Reneta Genesis one, where it says the spirit of God was hovering over the face of the earth and why wasn't he moving to recreate the earth? At that time, he was waiting for the word of God to speak. So again, the Holy spirit was hovering in. Then when God said, let there be the Holy spirit, went into action. And it's the same principle in our life. The Holy spirit is in us, waiting for the word to come forth. And then he moves in, does only what he can do in there's a supernatural bathing of the soul. When we're confessing the word in, when we engage in faith,

(12:54): I'm sitting here just envisioning this Holy spirit is one busy dude. Like, Oh my gosh, like, it's so funny to me. I just am envisioning him flitting all over, trying to make this all happen. And it's so hard to fathom because our minds are finite. I have to keep reminding myself that Renee, you have a finite mind. You can't, you don't understand everything. We can't, we won't completely understand the spirit world and this awesome God until we're there with him and things get revealed at that level. We just can't. But we take it on faith. We take it on faith because over and over again, I see the words on these pages in the Bible come to life in my life. And that's again, the growing of our faith. The more we get in the word, the more we see it happen, the more so the things that I can understand, I accept on faith and you'll come to that place as well.

(14:07): So that, that was one just beautiful thing. And I love that the Holy spirit was hovering, just waiting. And I think Theresa he's hovering, waiting for me to just say, okay, come on in and, and do this. Go ahead. We have to, we have to give permission because God gave us a free will go back to episodes and listen to those, subscribe to the channel, please, and go back and listen to some of the fundamental foundational things about why it is that way. Why we, we get to give permission why we're not robotic. As Theresa has said, this idea that we have to interact is because that's what love is, right? That love is the giving and accepting of the free gift, the giving and the accepting. So it's, it's these foundational principles that make this all work. But when the Holy spirit is hovering, even in these days of unrest, he is hovering, waiting for each one of us to reach out and say, okay, over here, I need, I need, I need, I need a little, you know, and mix that with our faith and then trust it.

(15:31): So that came to mind. CISA and the second thing I quickly want to say, because I don't know about Teresa, but for me, when we talk about, remember to get back in the word, I have Theresa. So on those days, which are more often than I care to admit right now where I'm feeling unrest, I'll call Theresa and she'll say, Oh, Renee, remember the word? I think we should all take those post-it notes that are sitting in our desk drawers and right. Remember the word and stick them on our mirror, probably in the bathroom. Cause we all have to go there. And when we're feeling this in the middle of the day, and we see, remember the word, we all can go back to a podcast, the Bible, the wherever, you're getting some good biblical affirmations and teaching. And remember the word because when, when I get in those places, Theresa, I w I forget you get overwhelmed and overstimulated with the unrest right now that we're dealing with.

(16:34): That's absolutely correct, Renee. And that's what comes to mind. When I talk about choice, you know, we have a choice to turn the TV on and get all of the information that's coming at us from the world. We have a, we have a choice, or we can sort of just, you know, stay on the sidelines a little bit, know what's going on, right? God wants us to be wise, understand what's going on, but not so much that it, it takes our faith and literally crushes it to the ground because, um, what you, what your, your gate in your eye gate taken in life is what you're going to be feeling and acting upon. And I love to stay to the truths of God's word. Romans chapter 14, verse 17 says for the kingdom of God is not eating and drinking, but righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy spirit.

(17:29): I'm going to say that again, because just bathe my soul. This is God's word. And this is the truth of our salvation in Jesus Christ. The kingdom of God, when we invite Jesus into our heart, the kingdom of God comes into us by the person of the Holy spirit, right? And this kingdom is righteousness, which means right, standing with God and peace and joy in the Holy spirit. That's what the kingdom of God is. You know, Renee, sometimes people think of the kingdom of God is heaven. It's here in the buy-in by when I get there. But the truth of the matter is you're. There now is a believer in Christ Jesus. The Holy spirit is in you and you now have complete forgiveness, right? The Bible says in the book of Romans, now there is no condemnation in Christ. Jesus, your sins have been forgiven past, present and future in now you have peace enjoy in the Holy spirit.

(18:36): You know, when Jesus was walking the earth, he was God incarnate, right? Big word for meeting God in the flesh and the joy and the peace. And the righteousness was in this man. This God man, Jesus Christ. When he left the earth right after his work was completed, he gave us the Holy spirit. And now the spirit of Jesus as a believer lives in me. He's the peace giver in the Bible says over and over the just shall live by faith. We don't walk by sight. We walk by faith in when we turn our attention to God's word, that faith has activated in the Holy spirit moves in a way that only he can move because after all Renee, he is, God

(19:30): Reminded me of that word, faith, the substance of what we hope for the evidence of what we can't see, what Teresa said is we don't walk by sight. We walk by faith, the evidence of what we can't see. And that has been my prayer trees. I'll be honest. The last couple of weeks is Lord helped me to see what you see, help me to see the unseen. We can see the unseen when we adopt the practices of the promises, right? Adopting the practice of the promises that are in the word. And we begin to see the unseen don't we Tressa you see the unseen retaught a couple episodes ago, 26. When we talked about how to hear from God, you know, we can't see that person. We can't often audibly hear his voice, although sometimes we do, but, but not as often, we hear the unheard. So it's, it's, it's very similar. We see the unseen when we adopt the, of the

(20:48): Promises. So good. I really liked that adopting the practice of the promises because it is so true. You know, adopting is a verb. It's an action word, right? We have to adopt, we have to do something. And it goes back to, we have a choice. We have a choice to open up the word of God, confess the word of God, pray the word of God. Or we have the choice to turn on the news, right? I choose to turn on the word of God and walk by faith, which is a nice segue to our next scripture, which is Galatians five 16. The Bible says, I say, then walk in the spirit and you shall not fulfill the loss of the flesh. Right? Walk in the spirit. What does that mean? Well, first of all, if we look a few scriptures down in Galatians, five verses 22 to 23, the fruit of the spirit is love joy, peace, long suffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control against such.

(21:52): There is no law. So first of all, believer, we have to understand that peace isn't inside of us, the Holy spirit that resides in your spirit brings with him the fruit of peace. So when we, again, when we have the understanding that that scripture is there, even I confess that I thank you, Lord, my kids. And I used to pray in the morning before the bus came. And you know, they knew the scripture because I think the Bible classes taught them a little jingle, a little song with it. We would just say, thank you that I've love joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness. And self-control. I mean, I say that from my heart because we prayed it so often we know that's the truth of God. So what I'd like to do is if I'm not experiencing what I know is the truth in my life, then I have to go to the Lord and say, Lord, I know peace is my inheritance.

(22:53): I know Lord you're in there. Peace is in me. And as the Bible says in Philippians two 13, work out your salvation, meaning work out. What you know is in there. If I said, Hey, Renee, put a thousand bucks in your bank account, right? If you sat home and did nothing and then go to the bank, you would never receive the benefits, right. Of what a thousand dollars could go. If you just went to the bank with drew that. So our faith is like, Oh, with the draw, if you will, we look to see what has been deposited within us. And we say, I'm going to choose to believe your word today. Lord, I have peace. And I thank you. I thank you. Romans eight 28. You're working out all things together for my good and it's amazing. You know, the Bible says that the word of God is sharper than any two-edged sword.

(23:51): The word of God comes to bring our attention to what is true. And just, and right, as a matter of fact, Philippians says, you know, when we pray in that the peace of God, mounts Garrison around our hearts, the Bible then says to think on those things that are good and lovely and pure and have a good report. If there's anything noble and praiseworthy, think on these things, we have a choice. We have a choice to live our life by faith so that we can walk in the fruit of the spirit so that we can share Jesus with other people, because this is a tight, this is a world that needs Jesus. If there was ever a time, boy now is the time in the good news is we do it by faith, but the Holy spirit is here to lead us into that place and to help us with our faith and to help grow us in faith. So that we're like the Bible says in Psalm one, that we're a tree planted that our roots go deep in though, the wind may calm, you know, and we may bend. We do not break. We do not break. And isn't that a beautiful thing. People are looking for support and a sturdiness in life. Isn't that encouragement. And that's what we bring to others so that they can experience the same piece that we do. Renee.

(25:26): It's funny that you say that that's what we do so we can bring it to others. I was listening to a pastor and one of the things he said is when the peace in us is greater than the turmoil around us, we can overcome it. We can overwhelm. It is actually what he said. So if we all were adopting this methodology and the piece was exuding from us, we can overwhelm the turmoil around us and the turmoil that someone else has. You've probably recognized that in yourself that people love to be around you because they feel good. They feel good and safe. Well that's because of the power of the Holy spirit and, you know, seeping out of our, of our pores, so to speak and just practically speaking tree. So we've talked about some ways that we can, we can start again, practically turn off social media, turn off the TV, put post-it notes around the house to remind us, put music on that is peaceful to us in the morning, decide where, where will my peace come from today?

(26:45): Knowing that it comes from the Lord. We spend quiet time with him, but ask him what are the circumstances in places that I can put myself in to be in peace or practice peace or what things must I avoid in our, in our physical space, what people can I connect with today? So that I'm reminded of what we've been talking about. Theresa. I think about how I go for a walk and in my earbuds is the word right? I'm walking. So I'm out and walking is such a, a beautiful, peaceful thing that there's all kinds of studies on that I won't get into, but this idea that we're filling our thoughts with the word of God, as we're walking, as we're relaxing, as we're cooking in the kitchen with the right music on or the right word of God playing in the background,

(27:47): That's absolutely correct. Renee, you know, praise and worship music is just a, a beautiful, uh, weapon. If you will, especially, you know, if the praise and worship music has scripture, you know, in once that scripture gets rolling around in your head and in your heart. And boy, it's, it's hard not to stay in the peace of God when, when that is happening. You know, I I'm reminded of two things. You know, one, um, I had a good friend whose mom was elderly and she came down with a rare brain disorder. And, you know, through my friend's relationship with the Holy spirit, she knew that her mom had to receive healing through God. And you know, the strategy, the hope that the Holy spirit gave her was to bring her elderly mom in her home. He had morning, noon and night on note cards, rehearse the healing scriptures in.

(28:40): Do you know if at the end of that journey, supernatural healing came to her mom and her mom at 81 went on to live a good long life. She got married. She, she traveled, um, you know, she, she did some, some traveling around the world that is a real life story of someone putting practice to the word of God, looking at the word in meditating on it over and over. So when the faith arose in her heart for what she was believing for, right, she fought the good fight of faith. And through patients, she inherited the blessing of what she was believing God for. So the crux of that was the Holy spirit, led my friend into a strategy of how to obtain the blessing that she was seeking for. So let's look at a few more scriptures before we close today, that show us what a beautiful helper the spirit is.

(29:42): Romans chapter eight, verses 14 to 15. The Bible says for many is led by the spirit of God. These are the sons of God for you, did not receive the spirit of again to fear, but you received the spirit of adoption by whom we cry out Abba father, you know, listeners, you don't have to know as much word as Renee. And I know just even as simple father, this is broken, help me fix it. You know, a simple few scriptures, Romans eight 28 is one I learned early on. I thank you, father. You're working out all things together for my good, a simple it's broken. I know you're working on this confessing that and praying that out of your mouth, why faith as a mustard seed will move mountains in our life. The last scripture here, John 14, verse 26, but the helper, the Holy spirit, uh, it gets me emotional because could we have a better helper in life, Renee, then the Holy spirit of God himself, is there a better helper and you and I have done episodes on hiring the Holy spirit.

(30:57): And I just loved those. But you know, even as mature believers in Christ, Renee, that you and I are this scripture bathes. My soul is if it were the first time I was hearing it, but the helper, the Holy spirit, whom the father will send in my name, he will teach you all things and bring to your remembrance. All things that I said to you, isn't that beautiful. I've been in situations that have been maybe striped filled or tough. And all of a sudden a scripture will come up to my mind when that scripture comes to my mind. And I think on it and I meditate on it and I start confessing. And I know that's the scripture that the Holy spirit wants me to fight the good fight of faith with the Holy Spirit's weapon tree. If you will, is always successful in diminishing or winning, right, winning whatever we have to win in life. So you're not alone listener the Holy spirit. If you know Jesus as your Lord and savior resides in, you ask him to do what only he can do. And the Bible says that he will keep in perfect peace. The one whose mind is steadfast, that is committed and focused on the Lord. And because he trusts and take refuge in the Lord with hoping confident expectation that he, the Lord God is an everlasting rock and he will keep you in perfect peace. That's from chapter 26 verses three to four.

(32:42): Mm. So good. What you just said is simply remember that the Holy spirit is hovering. And if in every situation we simply say, Abba, father, God, please help. It's difficult. Even for me at this stage, when my day is filled with craziness, all of a sudden I'll be like, ah, hello, how about praying, Renee? How about asking God to come in here? And once we work on that developing just that that's the starting point, right? Jay said, that's the starting point.

(33:24): That is, he's gracious. He's a gracious God who loves his kids. And who's there for us every minute, every nanosecond of every minute of every day, we just have to reach out

(33:42): Well, what's our foundational scripture tree said that is the way we're able to reach out.

(33:49): Absolutely Renee, Romans 10, 17. Faith comes by hearing

(33:53): And hearing by the word of God. We love you. Thank you. We'll see you next week.

(34:01): Thank you for listening. We so appreciate you taking the time because we know and are passionate about the difference it'll make in your life. Don't forget to subscribe to this channel. You can rate and review it and receive a free journal in the mail. So please do that. We also have a Facebook community group called well-versed woman. Just ask to join that we'll approve you and you can be right in there asking us any questions conversing with us anytime of day that you need help. And lastly, please, don't forget the show notes. They highlight the scriptures that we talked about today in this episode. So if you want those words, those scriptures of peace in your life, you can print them right out and just recite those everyday. Like we said, and the Prince of peace will put you mind and heart to rest. We'll see you next week.