This week, I celebrate my mom’s heavenly birthday. Although 19 years hasn’t made the pain lessen, I choose to focus on the incredible good that has come from her life and her death but I didn’t always feel this way.

It took some years of growing my faith and understanding that God truly knows best. It’s been a process maturing my relationship with God, but one well worth the journey!

If you are struggling to let go or understand more about growing your faith than this episode is for you!

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Things We Cover in this Episode:

  • The power of growing your faith
  • Understand how to let go
  • Listen to stories of how Theresa + Renee went about growing their faith

Here is a full transcription of Episode #019: Grow your faith: The process of letting go(Please excuse any typos or punctuation errors. This transcription was auto-generated!)

(00:00): I am one day away from my mom's heavenly birthday. It's been 19 years since my mom went to heaven. It doesn't seem possible. And yet it seems like forever. Since I've had a cup of coffee with my wisest, most loving friend, our moms are so special to us and it was tragic. I'll use that word tragic to have lost her nearly 20 years ago, right after nine 11. But what has come from that experience? I can't even begin in this short episode to unfold or unpack, but God has given us grace to endure. He always leads us in triumph.

(00:56): Welcome to episode 19 of the well versed woman podcast. I'm Renee teller and I'm Theresa Morgan. We are two perfectly imperfect women who have a heart to share our faith and life's experiences with you. See what we've experienced is the deep, deep love of God, the grace, the free favor of God for all humanity. And we know if you stay tuned, you're going to begin experiencing that same peace in your life. And we sure do need that today. But before we start, we do something on every single episode. And if you've been with us, you know that if not, go ahead, hit pause real quick, hit that subscribe button to go back to some of those first episodes where we talk about the importance of plugging into a power source, plugging into our creator so that we can open our eyes, our ears. And most importantly, our hearts to what God would be speaking to us today. We start with 20 seconds of some slow, deep breaths, eyes closed. If you're not driving and just be still and ask God to touch your heart. So here we go, 20 seconds starts right now.

(02:44): [inaudible]

(02:45): There it is. That's 20 seconds. And I'm going to encourage you to keep growing that when you open your eyes in the morning, you ask God for that very same thing over your entire day. And if you take that time to be still, he promises to be there with you every single day. But back to my mom, I don't know if you've lost your mom or not, but I bet you've had loss in your life that pained you very deeply. I have to say it took me years, Teresa to unravel the pain in my heart from that loss. I had lost other people, but there is something about our moms that feels like we've lost such a deep connection. And yet the beauty of the journey, the beauty of the grace I received to endure all that is so great that I only know it can be God that helped me through those times.

(03:47): Absolutely Renee, his grace is so plentiful. It's so abundant. He is after all God and what he brings to the table, if you will, or what he brings into our life in this beautiful relationship with him that we've talked about in previous episodes is he brings love. He is love, but he brings grace is unmerited favor. You know, it reminds me Rene of the scripture in John 1633. And it just loved the book of John. You know, it's just such a love story to Haas his children. And now this is Jesus talking and it says these things I have spoken to you that in me, you may have peace in the world. You will have tribulation, but be of good cheer. I have overcome the world. Isn't that

(04:44): Teresa. I love that. You say that because so many people ask me the question, but your mom died at 65, 65 years old. That was so young in the world. You will have tribulation, but be of good cheer. I have overcome the world. So Theresa, just touch on that a little bit in terms of the, the idea that sometimes these very difficult circumstances arise in our life. And the obvious question for all of us is, Whoa, wait, where's this God with all this grace, we are in a grace series. So we're teaching all about the favor, the unmerited favor of God for humanity. You say he always leads us in triumph. He always has grace. This favor that doesn't seem like too much favor there.

(05:43): Yeah, exactly. You know, first of all, what I would like the listeners to understand is that God, when he says, I have overcome the world, meaning his victory on the cross Renee as become victory, his victory became our victory. He came to her. So that is death, burial, and resurrection. What he accomplished on the cross was to reunite us back to God. And then through that redemption that occurred through that victory. We now have victory because when you know Jesus Christ as your Lord and savior his Holy spirit and Welles in you first Corinthians six 19 says, don't, you know that the spirit of God dwells in you. So what this brings into our life, the victory that Jesus Christ, Bob rock and walk for us on the cross. But that brings into our life is a victory because of the Holy spirit. Now living inside of us brings all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge and everything that we need to live in this world. Victoriously. So we may come across the battles in challenges, but we know because he's in us, leading us in guiding us, he's bringing us, showing us how to get through the challenges that we face, how to get through victorious thing. You know, Renee does it mean we're not going to have some scrapes and some scars and some bruises, but it does need that through it all. There is a character that is being built in us that will last throughout eternity.

(07:37): I love the episodes that we did tree Suh on being spirit

(07:42): Beings. We are

(07:44): Created in God's image. God is spirit. So therefore we are spirit. And that spirit. I remember you and I talking in the past about having this eternal line to God because of that. And the world, as you're just talking about does have tribulation because this is not God's world. So to speak, this world has evil. There is a world coving that will not have evil and that's the excitement. But in the meantime, we are spirit beings

(08:22): And we need to

(08:24): Connect to the spirit. God, right?

(08:27): That's absolutely correct. And as we have said before, but it bears repeating, you know, and I like to listen to myself, say it. And you say it, Renee bears repeating that to plug in to the power source. God, we use our faith to do this. You know, there's so many scriptures talking about, don't be double-minded, you know, when you come to God, believe that he is, um, without faith it's imply, it is impossible to please God. So God wants us to come in faith, right? And when we come in faith, we become a God reliant. Instead of self-reliant, we're looking to him for the wisdom and the knowledge to carry us in, bring us, not just bring us to the edge of the red sea, but he is always wanting to part that red sea for us in bring us through to the other side.

(09:28): Wow. So let me interject here about something. That's making me laugh that self-reliant versus God reliant. And I think this word is not as big. That I'm about to say as it was in the day, that word control freak. Oh, you're just a control freak. And I'll say yours truly might have been called that 102 times in my day. I love that we don't have to be control freaks, but think about the journey I've been on. I mean, it's been a long time for me, Theresa. I've had to work out that self-reliance like deeply, like it's very difficult for me not to be self reliant because of a, a number of things, forget how I was raised or whatever it is that taught me that I need. God helps those that help themselves, whatever all the lines were that I had to make it happen. Theresa. I had to get out in the world as a woman and be successful and be, you know, all these things. But until I realized that I needed to let go of that piece, that doesn't mean I don't do. And I don't work. It means where do I get my power from? Where do I plug in before I do anything else? Because I was plugging into the, the Renee outlet, you know, I wasn't plugging into the God outlet. Does that make sense?

(11:15): That's absolutely correct. And you know, that reminds me of the scripture in Philippians that says work out your salvation with fear and trembling, knowing that it is God all the while at work in you willing to do and to choose for his good pleasure, go over a few more chapters in Philippians four 13. It says I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. So there's always a partnership going on between the Holy spirit in us is we're traveling and going through our journey of life. That as we, to him, we are more God reliant and self reliant. And we're not, we're no longer cut off from God's wisdom and all of the treasures that his wisdom and his love bring into our life because he knows the end from the beginning. The Bible says he's the author and the finisher of our faith. So as we journey, he like a good air traffic controller, he keeps bringing us to center. We're bringing us back to the path that is going to prove most victorious in our lives.

(12:30): So good. I think about how so, how did I get from self-reliant to more God reliant? And by the way, it's not over right. I work on that every day and isn't that the key, at some point I became aware of this knowledge that the something bigger than myself was, was very real and tangible and made the decision that I would work on that relationship that I would work on, that you call it that internal spiritual line between me as a human being and me as a spiritual being in the only way to do that is to plug into that spiritual being. And I got very consistent. I made the decision tree Suh, and then I kept coming back. I kept coming back for more to that buffet. I kept feeding on that and got very consistent and the more consistent I got, the more my faith grow. And, Oh, I, if you haven't heard last week's episode, you need to go back and listen to just the simple idea of the circle, Theresa right. Of how does our faith grow? You know, how do we get less self-reliant

(13:56): And it's what came first, the chicken or the egg, right? Because it's a big circle

(14:03): Of this decision point, right? This mission decision line is one of my favorite mentors because at the MDL where I made the decision that I was going to pursue this path, but then pursue it with all my heart, my soul, my mind, and my strength.

(14:25): Absolutely, absolutely. Renee, I think that's the key. You know, I remember, uh, it, in the gospels, the disciples came to Jesus and said, what must we do to inherit salvation? And Jesus said, just believe, just believe. But in that, just believing is going into his word is, is becoming knowledgeable to what his promises say.

(14:52): Because once we see it in black and white, once we know that the promises in the book, we can stand on that promise in bringing it back to the father and said, father, but you promise just like our children are a good friend, right. Come to us and say, mommy, you promise. After I cleaned my room, we can go get ice cream. Right? It's really the same thing with the father. He's given us. The Bible says precious promises in through the knowledge of these precious promises. We receive everything that pertains to life and godliness. It isn't that all of our aim that we want to be like Jesus in this world, because there's nothing that can, um, the intentions of God. So this is a really difficult topic. I'm sure for many who look around and say again, well, how did this happen? Or how did that happen?

(15:52): And the truth be told Theresa, none of us humans have all those answers. We can only go back to the word and know all things work together for good, who trust in the Lord. So my mom's situation, the things that have come out of that, a wellness center that is now 20 years old, actually going to be, well, my mom is 19 years. So that opened two years before she passed. And the number of people that have been helped through that wellness center, which never would have happened without her journey is above and beyond. And we so often look back as I can now, 19 years later and say, uh, uh, Lord, uh, the tears Theresa coming, but, uh, Lord, okay. I see, like, do I wish my mom was here? Do I wish my mom was here to see the, the depth and the breadth and the width of the beauty that came from her situation? Just forget the, the, the hundreds and thousands of people that may have been helped through our wellness center. Look, what's happened in my own heart and soul look what's happened in the deepening of my relationship with my God. He knows, you know, my, my latest tagline or mantra is Lord, you know, and Renee, stop, stop trying to think. You do stop trying to think, you know, and just that alone, what a huge revelation, what a huge revelation to get my left brain analytical self out of myself and make room for God right. Make room.

(18:03): That's absolutely correct. Um, you know, I'm staring at second Corinthians two 14. It says he always leads us in triumph, in Christ in that is the truth, Renee, every negative thing, every challenge, every disappointment that we go through in life, it's not for not, you know, God will work through purpose in each tough situation. And I love the scripture when you and I were talking about it before, you know, when we turned our mikes on today, it says in second Corinthians chapter four, verse 17, it says for our light affliction, which is, but for a moment is working for us a far more exceeding any internal weight of glory. So what does that mean? It means that because we are spirits, we are made in the image of God, our spirits are gonna live on forever with God, in what we experience here on earth.

(19:06): Even those negative things. There is a maturation that is taking place inside of us in our spirit that is holding the gold from us. If you will. And what has been developed here in this life will continue in the ages to come as the Bible says, because God wastes nothing. So although with our naturalized, you know, we're seeing a very tough time in our country. We can look to God in the promises, in his word that say, you know, through this song, I'm going to best I can through the help of the Holy spirit, retain my pasture and Christ. I'm going to be loving. I'm going to be firm. When I need to be from when I know it inside, there is a character that is being developed in a maturity in like the Bible says, let them maturity habits perfect place. Because when we are mature individuals, we can love as Jesus loved. And that is the highest calling in our life.

(20:17): Mm. I love that when we're mature, we can love as Jesus loved. And that maturity is what we talk about. So often growing our faith, the substance of what we hope for the evidence of what we can't see that bigger faith again, here comes the circle, right? That bigger faith draws us closer to God allows us to be more mature so that we can love more deeply. Like God loves as we become mature. That means we become more like, God, we become more Christlike. Well, he was the perfect love. He was the love that casts out all evil, that casts out all fear, that cast out all doubt, right? So the more we become mature and again, how do we do it? We stay in the word because the word is the truth of who God is. It's the truth, Theresa, the truth. Something very lacking in our world today. The truth,

(21:36): Right? Yeah. It's so true. And that's one of the things in today's world. Unfortunately, there's so much disruption. I think all of our heads are spinning. You know, we're saying, where is truth here, Lord, what is really going on? And we know from the Bible, it's the truth that we know that sets us free. So, you know, we have the truth and bear or living inside of us. Renee, the Holy spirit is the spirit of truth. And so is we grow and mature in our faith. As we walk deeper and closer with God, we are growing just as the Bible says in the book of Ephesians so that we're, we're no longer children tossed to and fro by every trickery and doctrine of men, right? Growing off into all things in which the whole body of Christ is knit together. I'm paraphrasing. But the end result is law and love wholes with boundaries who love is, is healthy. We're talking about not wishy washy love. We're talking about a love that endures, you know, the God type of love never fails. It's a love that believes all things, hopes all things, but it's a love that can discern right from wrong, good from evil, and then act accordingly through the fount of wisdom that is in us by being born again and carrying the presence of the Holy spirit.

(23:11): So a couple of things that come to mind, one is that this doesn't come easily. This is our work. We talk about grace, which is free favor. Well, Renee free favor means I don't have to work. Oh, but wait, we have to work on our relationship. That is the work that we're here to do to work on our relationship and our connection to God. And if I were to say my marriage to Peter, Oh wow. That's a lot of work. Anyone who's married knows marriage is a lot of work and it doesn't matter how deeply you love. It's a lot of work. But like I say, it's not that work like I do out in the yard or like I do in my profession. It is joyful work. It is joyful to set time aside every single day to hear from God, to ask him for wisdom, to ask him to help me love more deeply.

(24:15): That's the work we're to be about. It reminds me too, of Paul. So if you've been following us and if not, make sure you hit subscribe, but Paul wrote so much of the new Testament and Paul we've talked about, used to go around planet earth, killing Christians, killing people who believed in God. And yet he came to this beautiful place and a maturity. That is something I can only hope to aspire to Theresa. This idea that Paul was imprisoned, Paul was imprisoned much of his ministry. So again, how has God protecting him Theresa he's in prison, but what did he reveal Theresa about that? And, and I love that scripture about, you know, whether I live or die.

(25:15): Yeah. That's absolutely correct. You know, Paul wrote the book of Philippians while he was in a prison in Rome. Uh, when I was visiting a few years ago, Renee actually got to go in and see the place where they say that he was staying in of course, you know, the, the murky water and the rats and everything, and this dungeon had been removed. And when I looked at the place where he sat, he as uncomfortable as this prison would have been, I thought to myself, he knew his place was joy. He knew the victory. That was his in Christ in, from that place of knowledge in knowing God, knowing God's word, knowing God's faithfulness, knowing God's love. He said, I've been a base. I I've been a bound, meaning high the tragedy in my life, but I've enjoy right. I've had suffered lack. And I also have enjoyed more than enough.

(26:20): He said, but out of all these things, I know how to be content in. That was because he knew in it, all these things that a love of God will never leave him in that he wasn't more than a conqueror in Christ because curing him through to victory in every situation. And you know, Renee, like when your mom died, your beautiful health center came to be just like that scenario. When Paul was in prison because of the maturity that he had gained by walking through various situations with the Lord in time and time again, the word, bringing him into victory from that place, that revelation, that knowledge he could write. I've learned how to be content. As he sat in this Dungy cold prison, he could write the book of Philippians saying, I know my God is faithful, but it came some walking with Christ.

(27:26): It came from spending time in his word, right? When I say walking with Christ, you know, he, wasn't a disciple that literally walked with Jesus. He came after Jesus's death, burial, resurrection, but he walked with Christ in the relationship through the Holy spirit in boy, if we can all come to that place of maturity, that no matter what situation we're in, we can say like, God is faithful in here. I stand in Christ. And in some of the episodes to come Renee, we're, you know, we're prepping for grace to stay on and we're going to be sharing with our listeners about the armor of God and putting on our armor. Because sometimes we say, my goodness, I'm doing all I know to do. So we're going to expound on the weapon tree, if you will, that God has given us for these last.

(28:21): Hmm. That's uh, that's exciting because we need it. We, we need and want that protection. And I hope this is encouraging you to open that book, open that Bible and stay in the word, listen to a podcast like this. And there are many, many others download scriptures, put them on your mirror, fill your mind, fill your mind, fill your mind with the word of God. That's going to be the secret weapon of all right, Theresa. The Bible says that the word is sharper than a two edge sword. Doesn't it?

(29:04): It sure does. Renee. You know, and one of my most favorite things to do is pray some of the prayers right out of the Bible, boy, they're filled and packed with power. And there's, I think that maybe it would be a wonderful thing to do Renee. If we could pray the collections, prayer that Paul prayed from [inaudible] chapter one verses nine through 14. So I'm just going to pray that right now for yourself, Renee and me and, and our listeners today, for this reason, we also, since the day we heard your word, Lord, we do not cease to pray for all of us into asks that we may be filled with the knowledge of your ware in all wisdom and spiritual understanding. Other help us to walk worthy of you, Lord, fully pleasing you being fruitful in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God.

(30:02): Other, please strengthen us with all light, according to your glorious power for all patients and long suffering with joy and father, we will remember to give thanks to you. You've qualified us to be partakers of the inheritance of the saints in the light. You surely have delivered us from the power of darkness and your hair conveyed us into the kingdom of the son of your log in. We have redemption through the blood of Jesus Christ in the forgiveness of sins. I thank you, father. I thank you for every listener father. I thank you that you're bringing them into victory in all of the circumstances and situations. They find themselves in father. I thank you that they are more than Congress through you. Who love us. I thank you, father God, that you're strengthening all of us day by day. And we can do through the power of the Holy spirit, what you're asking each of us to do in the today, in the days that lie ahead.

(31:04): When we give you all the praise and all the glory in the name of Jesus, and everybody said, Renee, man, that's great. And what is our signature scripture? Theresa? Absolutely. Romans chapter 10 verse 17. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God, see you next week. Bye. Now, now there are still so well versed woman journals, and these are great for recording. Just a couple of words and a couple of points from your favorite episodes that you can keep with you. It's small enough to fit in your purse. All you need to do is hit that subscribe button rate and review this podcast. And we'll send you your well-versed woman journal. And we also have our Facebook community group where you can pop in there. Be part of it, pray with us. We pray every Thursday night as a community. It's really incredible. We'd love to have you join us, just search well-versed woman on Facebook, and we'll see you in there until next time.