While our careers don’t necessarily define who we are, they play a significant role in how we see ourselves and how the world sees us. They’re how we support our families, and they’re what we do every day, day in and day out. Having an enjoyable and rewarding career is something that everyone deserves to have, but might not be so easy to find. How do you know what might be a good match for you, or where your skills might perform the best? As an entrepreneur who’s had several rewarding careers, I can help you discover how to find your dream career you love.

Define Your Goals

Here’s what I know. We were all born with a purpose and understanding and finding that is where and when you be living the life of your dreams.  But you have to start somewhere and thinking about what your needs and desires are (goals),  is a good place to start.  List things you love.  Think back to when you were seven years old.  What did you love then?  Towards what did you naturally gravitate?  Do you like to design, make or invent things?  Want to travel or work with children?  Would you want the freedom to choose when you work and have ultimate flexibility in your schedule?  Do you like to work alone or with people?

Think of what you want, without putting limits on it. Do what many of us thinkers call a brain dump.  Just sit and write freely.  Dream big.  Brainstorm in a raw, unbridled session where you see the big picture of what you want.   If you could do ANYTHING, what would it be?   

Oh and did I mention,  this won’t happen in one session.  It will evolve over weeks, months, even years.  So be patient.  Don’t get frustrated looking for the right or perfect answer.  We evolve and often the universe will only give us what we can handle today or perhaps what step 1 is.  Once that’s complete, more will unfold.  There is no right answer.  Just journal the thoughts of your heart.

For me, once my free flowing writing session is complete,  I’ll then streamline my thoughts further by looking at where I want to be in either 3-5 years or 10-20 years.  You should decide what time increments work best for you.  What can you wrap your brain around regarding thinking about the future?  When you start this step begin to categorize areas of your life.  I like to get a separate piece of paper for each; Spirituality, Family, Friends and those I want to help, Health, Work goals.  If you think about where you want to be in each category say ten years from now the next steps will come much easier!

Work Backwards From Your Goals

Once you know where you want to end up, you can start working backward from there. This approach is far easier to do than to look at what you have now and try to figure out how that is going to get you to where you want to be because often, those dots don’t connect.

For example, say that your goal is to have complete freedom over your schedule and to eventually start earning passive income. Think about the step right before that goal — what is it? There might be several answers to that question, such as promoting a product that you love or creating your website. Then, you want to think about the step directly before that, and then the step directly before that. With that process, you will eventually trace back the steps from your ultimate goal to where you are currently, and at the end of your list, you’ll have something you can do right now to work towards your goal.

Discovering How to Find Your Dream Career

You love isn’t easy for many people, even using the above strategy. Sometimes, all it takes to define your ultimate goals and discover your path to get there is a little guidance.   If you’ve followed me at all, you know my #1 Rule is DON’T go it alone.  Navigating life and all its issues can be challenging.  We were put here to love and support each other not to live in a bubble.  Find a support group, an accountability partner, a friend and do it together.