The self-awareness series has taken us through some helpful tips and tricks for growth and self-development.  So far we have explored the art of self-talk, the gift of self-confidence and the first skill of self-management: time management.  Now we move on to the fourth vital skill for effective self-management: learning how to manage your health.

Manage Your health

Learning how to manage your health and create a healthier lifestyle is crucial to a successful and happy life. Health is a non-negotiable factor for self-aware people.  Without health, there is no quality of life, a continuous struggle for daily contentment and a frustrating cycle of unhelpful choices and unhappy consequences.

To function effectively, we need to manage your health and optimize the health of our families and treat our bodies kindly.  To live out our life’s purpose and reach our greatest potential, we need to be living the best life we can live, making healthy and wise choices every single day.

In short, there are three main areas to manage when carving out a healthy lifestyle: Drinking enough water, reducing or eliminating ‘whites’ from our diet and eating a plant-based diet.

Drinking enough Water

The first step to a healthier life is to increase your water intake to optimum levels. Water gives life and ensures the optimal functioning of body and mind.  It cleanses, hydrates and fuels the body, giving us energy, vigor, strength, and resistance.

Eliminate “White” Food

The second step is to reduce or eliminate the “whites” from your diet.  This action refers to white food such as white sugar, white flour, salt (sodium) and most dairy products.  Sugar addiction, for example, is said to be harder to break than a cocaine addiction.  It is well worth looking into the effects of the “whites” on your body and eradicating these from your diet.

Eat a plant-based diet

The last step towards health is eating a plant-based diet.  Incorporating more plants into your diet will do more for your long-term success in life than anything else I have mentioned before.  Part of the reason we have stress in our day can be attributed to the substances and food we choose to consume.  Garbage in, garbage out applies perfectly in this scenario.

Poor dietary choices affect how we feel, how we function and how we react to the things that happen in our day.  A plant-based diet is my highest recommendation in the journey towards good health.