Is it possible to self-diagnosis instead of always relying on a doctor to determine health issues? That’s exactly what I did several years ago when I discovered I had an issue with a body part that I didn’t even know I had. Crazy, right? I discovered I had a parathyroid issue. How in the world did I self-diagnosis with a parathyroid issue when I didn’t even know I had a parathyroid. The simple answer is I keep a close eye on my numbers? Let me explain.

How I discovered my Parathyroid Issue

I knew something was wrong after picking up my blood work from my doctor’s office. The crazy thing is that my doctor said everything looked fine. After leaving the appointment, I took a closer look at my results and reviewed them again once I got home. I discovered that my calcium levels were off based on previous blood work. I keep a file with all my test results for this very reason. My levels were slightly above the normal range so I called my doctor’s office to ask why I was given the all clear. The nurse told me that the doctor said, “it’s okay and not to worry.” I said it’s not okay with me. Why? If there are high and low limits to a range of blood tests and I am even slightly over 0r under that limit there stands to be a reason for concern.

I continued watching my calcium levels closely for the next year and noticed a pattern. During an appointment with my endocrinologist,  I presented my findings.  She said based on my findings that I had a parathyroid issue and it needed to be removed.  I am opposed to any kind of surgery unless it’s absolutely necessary and decided to research other options.

Now what?

My first step to avoid surgery was to find a natural remedy so I immediately made an appointment with my naturopathic doctor. My doctor indicated that the thyroid and the parathyroid are both difficult to diagnose, but he recommended I take a thyroid complex called Pinnacle. I said, I have a parathyroid issue, not a thyroid issue, but he assured me that they are closely connected.

The blood levels for our parathyroid hormones should be under 65. Mine had crept up to 128 when my endocrinologist suggested surgery. Based on my naturopathic doctor’s suggestion, I took Pinnacle for nearly 2 years before I was able to get my parathyroid level down to 68. Which for me, 68 is close enough to 65 to avoid surgery. I’ve continued to take Pinnacle and remain close to the 65 level. At the end of the day its important that you know your body and pay close attention when something seems off.  I encourage everyone to become their own health warrior and to know your numbers.