Did you think all the fun was over the day you graduated from college? Think again.  I remember graduating from college and walking out into a vast open space.  My mother and my grandmother sat watching me cry my eyes out, and I was embarrassed about how my emotions were out of control.  At that point, I thought my best years had now come to an end because college was an amazing time in my life.

I was leaving behind a community I loved and a treasure trove of memorable moments.  It wasn’t true, of course.  I played hard and studied hard at college, and nothing has changed.  Yes, those were fun years, but there were still some of the best years ahead of me.

Today, I have three tips on how to bring back the spark in a worn-out life. It is my ongoing mission to help reignite your life because I recently experienced a similar awakening, and I am having a blast!

Personal Growth and Development

The first tip is to pursue personal growth and development.  I have spent the last two years rediscovering the vibrancy of a good life.  All my years as a CPA in the professional world coddled me into a spirit of complacency, thinking my education had continued through experience and maturity.

Recently, I became convinced I needed to do something more with my life and made the personal decision to return to school.  I could have enrolled in college again, but instead, I did something better.  I started reading personal development and growth books and investing time and effort in my personal growth.

A World of Resources

Secondly, I started buying online courses and attending live events.  When you connect with like-minded people regularly, like in college where everyone was motivated to pursue a career and live the American dream, valuable relationships rejuvenate and excite you.  A fresh perspective is making me feel young again. I get all dressed up and go out into the world I like more each day.

Building a Network

Lastly, I am having fun again. There are people all around me who want to serve others.   Being around people like this is electrifying, and it warms my heart to know others who want to make a difference in the world as I do.

The people I’ve met on this journey have hearts of gold and a visionary outlook.  Life has routines, rituals, and drudgery, which often blinds us to those who inspire and ignite us. Open your eyes.  This kind of motivation helps us make a difference with the gifts and talents cultivated throughout the journey of life. Networking is a great way to connect with inspiring people.  In today’s world, you don’t need to travel to learn.  Read books, listen to podcasts and participate in some of the webinars I have coming up.

So keep involving wth personal growth and development if you want to stay young and have the same zest for life that you once had years ago. These are the best years of our lives!