Rate & Review the Well Versed Woman Podcast

Want to win a custom Well Versed Woman journal? All you have to do is rate and review the podcast on Apple Podcast in 5 simple steps!

– ONE –

Search Well Versed Woman on Apple Podcast

– TWO –

Scroll down to the Ratings + Review section and click “Write a Review”.


Tap the stars at the top of this page to leave a rating then type in your review.

– FOUR –

Before you hit the “send” button on your review, take a screenshot or photo of your review first. Then go ahead and click send.

Once that is complete, fill out this form below. You then will receive an email (from renee@reneeteller.com) asking for the screenshot/photo you took+ your shipping address for your journal!

– FIVE –

Invite your friends to do the same and make sure to join the Well Versed Woman Private Facebook Group!