What do we all need when we’re stuck in long lines, crowded airports, and bumper to bumper traffic? An endless supply of patience. Right? Learning to practice being patient is key!

Learn to master today’s success tip and you’ll be on your way to achieving success in anything you want to in life. Yes, it’s patience, but I’d like to expand on that thought. I like to call it . . . Practice being patient to strengthen a muscle. For the past 17 years, I have owned a fitness and wellness center. In gym terminology, we understand how long it takes to build a certain muscle. Would you go to the gym for a day and expect results? No, of course not! You would not go to the gym, lift weights for one day then go home and say, why don’t I have muscles?

You understand you need to be patient and consistent day in and day out. You’d have to show up regularly, do specific exercises in order to build or strengthen certain muscles. If you wanted to strengthen your glutes, you wouldn’t go to the shoulder press machine. You’d have to do squats or use the leg press to strengthen the glute muscles. We have to do the right exercise to build the muscle we’re trying to strengthen. Make sense?

It Take 66 Days

Why do we think that training our brain muscle should take less time? We have to practice being patibeing patientent and consistent to get the results we are striving for. Twenty-one days was the magic number that once measured how long it took to develop a new habit. The latest research actually shows it takes 66 days. Yes, 66! Where do you start? After you decide what you want to accomplish, put it on your calendar and begin to chart your course. For the next 66 days, I want you to work on a new habit and track your actions to keep you on course.

Let’s just say you choose to lose a certain amount of weight in 66 days, I’d suggest keeping a notebook, tablet or my favorite is a whiteboard handy to jot down your number on the scale daily to help you stay on track. I am so wedded to the 66-day philosophy that I have this very tiny, maybe 12-by-12-inch square whiteboard and every 66 days I work on something different. Pick a habit you’d like to improve for the next 66 days. Keep your tablet, notebook or whiteboard in one place that is easily seen to keep you on track. This will help keep you accountable.

Being Patient is Key

You need patience. Master the skill of being patient and unlearn the mastery of frustration. Let your brain know that this is going to take time.  This is a journey and feeling accomplished is the destination.

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