Learn how redefining failure and forgiving yourself can help ignite your life so you can accomplish anything. Redefining failure and forgiving yourself, what does that mean? Don’t think of failure as being black and white. Look at it like it as an experiment. For instance, if you set a goal to loose 10 pounds, but instead lost 5. You could retrain your mind to say, “I tried, but it didn’t quite work. Now, let me figure out a new way to loose the other 5 pounds.”

Redefine Failure

Redefine failure – you didn’t fail, it was an experiment and you need to redo the experiment. Here’s the only way I define failure. Failure is when I give up. Stop trying. Walk away. Don’t do it. Turn my back. That’s failure. The only way you can fail, truly fail is by not doing. You simply stop.

I take that word out of my vocabulary because I am going to keep going, I am going to persist. I love persistence. If I swing an ax at a tree four times daily, little by little the tree will eventually come down. If I want the tree to come down sooner, I chop six times a day or even ten times a day. The only way I will fail at taking down the tree is if I give up. We can decide how quickly we want to achieve something by how much effort we put in, but we won’t fail if we don’t stop. Does that make sense?

Forgive Yourself

Always, always, always forgive yourself. If you didn’t accomplish it, forget it, move on. Who we are is not defined by our accomplishments or by things. We are defined by our heart and how big we love and how we share ourselves with the world that we live in.

We are all gifted in very different ways. I am one of five sisters, and very recently my 83-year-old dad came to live with me. He has some health issues and challenges so each of the five sisters are taking turns caring for him. He said to me last night, “I can’t get over how different you all are.” We were all raised by the same parents, we were all trained the same way so to speak, but he sees our very unique gifts, how special and different we all are and that’s the same for you. You need to stop beating yourself up, you need to forgive yourself and you need to master doing this. It gets easier and easier to forgive myself as I just brush things aside because I know that my true heart wants to serve people and help them learn what I’ve learned over the years.