Slowing down the aging process starts with simply reducing the stress in your life.  Stress may seem like a common focus, but it is a vital step on the anti-aging journey. Stress is an especially important aspect of managing because the subtle effects can be detrimental to both our physical and mental health.

As a left-brained CPA, it was impossible for me to understand the manifestations of stress in my life.  I struggled to comprehend how something intangible like stress could make a tangible difference in my physical body.  The studies on stress are unmistakable, however, and we know are repeatedly proven.  It is a scientific fact that stress causes both physical and mental symptoms, especially when left unchecked.

Mr. President

I like to use the presidents as an example.  At the Disney Hall of Presidents, there are stately pictures of all the presidents of the United States.  These are usually soon after the president is elected, looking fresh and ready to take on the world.

When we go back to those initial pictures years later, however, it is shocking to note the changes evident in these great men.  Obviously, there are not many jobs deemed more stressful than being the president of such a great country, but the differences are striking.  Stress levels associated with running any country are vastly significant, and there is a definite deterioration in the physical appearance of the men in the oval office over the term.

Stress-Reducing Techniques

The stress in our lives will age us faster than anything else.  I am the creator of a course called Calming the Chaos.  Check out the course on  There are three main ideas to calming the chaos in your life: meditation, exercise and deep breathing.


Start this first thing in the morning. By being quiet and still, either in prayer or meditation.  The whole trajectory of your day will be more positive.  Stress builds up through unexpected events and interruptions, so take the time each morning to be quiet and think about how you would like the day to be.


This simple, but profound activity can significantly reduce stress levels on a daily basis.  Exercise releases endorphins and keeps our blood flowing.  In the computer age we live in, our sedentary lifestyles are killing us.  Sitting is abominable, the new smoking of our generation.  It is time to get moving.

Deep breathing

Set a reminder on your phone to do this every one to two hours, or whatever works for you.  Do the deep breathing exercises – in through the nose, out through the mouth – and use a stopwatch to ensure it lasts for a meaningful amount of time. Deep breathing will instantly leave you feeling calmer.  It does wonders for reducing stress levels each day.

Slow Down Aging Journey

My dream is to offer you practical ways to fight anti-aging for a better life.  My four tips for anti-aging are to be intentional about the food and the substances you put into your body, to drink enough water on a daily basis, to supplement vitamin and mineral deficiencies and lastly, to reduce the stress in your life.

I know your journey to slow down aging will be both rewarding and inspiring.  Start living an amazing life today.