Where does wisdom come from and how do we get more of it? Asking for help, seeking and looking in the right places, and knocking on doors are all centered around the same premise, we need to take action when we’re looking for answers. But we often wander aimlessly, directionless on the best or right way to take action.

In this episode, you’ll learn how to use these benefits and blessings to reveal wisdom in your life and exactly where to go and what to do – it may surprise you! 

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Things We Cover in this Episode:

  • How to obtain more wisdom
  • What is wisdom
  • How to persevere through hardship

Here is a full transcription of Episode #038- The Difference Between Knowledge and Wisdom This transcription was auto-generated!)

(00:00): Ask seek and knock. I bet if you've been around a church before, you've heard that expression to ask, seek and knock. And last week we talked about wisdom and how you get it and that you need to pursue it today. We're going to give very specific information on exactly how to get answers to your deepest questions. So stay tuned today. Don't forget to share this with someone who's looking for answers, and I know God will give them to us today. Welcome to episode 38 of the well-versed women podcast. I'm ready.

(00:44): They tell her, and I'm Theresa Morgan. You see Renee and I are two perfectly imperfect women had to have a heart to share our life's testimonies and our journey of faith with you.

(00:55): And the deepest part of our heart is to share the love of God, especially today, where it's needed so much. But before we get started, we start every episode. The very same way we try to be very, still take some slow deep breaths and actually invite God here to be with us so that he can impart his wisdom to us this very day. So I ask that you close your eyes and take 20 seconds and ask God to open your eyes, your ears. And most importantly, your heart to hear what he has to say. 20 seconds starts right now.

(01:57): [inaudible]

(01:57): That's it. That's 20 seconds. And I am so excited about the very specific information today and how we can get wisdom. Last week, we talked about how the word of God says to get wisdom and what the difference between knowledge and wisdom is if you haven't listened to last week's episode, now's a good time to go back and listen to these two back to back, but we actually need to take action. We talked about last week, we have to ask and I love what you taught me. Teresa, that asks, spelled ask stands for Matthew seven scripture that says ask, and you will receive seek, and you will find knock. And the door will be open ask. I love that as we get started here today.

(02:47): Absolutely. Renee. I love that too. You know what? I was learning that scripture, Matthew chapter seven, verses seven and eight. I saw that little acronym and I was like, yay. I never forget that. And so I am such in the habit of asking God. And then after I ask and I seek, because I know the Holy spirit is going to bring it about. And then when I don't see the blessing manifest immediately, I'm always knocking because that keeps my faith engaged. I'm always like father. Thank you. Thank you that it's coming. Thank you, father. I enter into the prayer of Thanksgiving knowing that God's word always comes to pass. And for me, that's my knocking.

(03:33): I love that reminder. I love this idea that the word ask means all three things. So whether you're asking, seeking, or knocking, it's all the same, which is pursuing wisdom, pursuing God, pursuing him for our answers. That is so cool. And so sometimes what you just said is you're actually asking him sometimes you're seeking and looking. And sometimes, sometimes actually I feel like I'm pounding on the door, forgetting I can go and God, please, please open the door, open the door. Sometimes he opens the door. Sometimes he closes the door, but let's keep going before we, we divert there.

(04:18): You know, even the closure of some doors is an answer to prayer. I got to get that little aside and exactly, exactly as the both of us know, he's all intelligent, right? He's omniscient. He knows everything. He's omnipotent. He's all powerful. He's omnipresent. He's ever replaced in one place in time at once. So, you know, even though sometimes we're asking for something and we have preconceived ideas as to how we would like to see it manifest or come about, we know that God's perfect judgment. His perfect, well, his perfect intellect is working all things together for good. And many times we see something come about. I know I've had answer to prayer that blew blew my socks off because it encompassed not only what I was asking for, but the reach was so much further in it. Less, not only me, but many people. So I'm glad you brought that up day.

(05:19): So great traces. So back to the connection of where we were last week, where we talked about what wisdom is, which is the appropriate application of knowledge. So all this knowledge, so many of us have gained over the years. And again, I loved our discussion last week. So go back and listen to that. But all this knowledge that we have is a beautiful thing and our minds are magnificent, but wisdom, wisdom is the key. The Bible talks about lady wisdom. That lady wisdom was with God from the beginning that this is such a key part of who God is, right? This, like you just said this all knowing all omnipresent, all omniscient, God wisdom is all wrapped up in that. And it's so important that we get wisdom. So let's talk today about how can we really get that? How can we really go from this great knowledge that so many of us listening have today because we spent years gaining it and transitioned to the appropriate application of that Theresa into our beautiful wisdom,

(06:36): Absolutely Renee, you know, we're going to see today that there's so many blessings and benefits that come into our lives as a result of applying God's wisdom, which is found in his word, the Bible, the pages of the Bible, you know, I love what happened with Joshua. So if we look at the story in the book of Joshua chapter one verses seven through nine, you know, I'm going to give a little backdrop. Moses had just died. The Israel lights God's chosen. People were just about ready to enter the promised land. And boy, I'll tell you up, that was a heavy transition of command. The command of leadership had passed from Moses who had died onto Joshua let's look, let's see what God said to Joshua. He said be strong and very courageous that you may observe to do according to all the law or according to all that's in my word, which Moses, my servant commanded you do not turn from it to the right hand or to the left that you may prosper wherever you go.

(07:44): This book of the law, we could say, God's word, the Bible shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate in it day and night that you may observe to do. According to all that is written in it for, then you will make your way prosperous and then you will have good success. And then God, he added one more thing because he knows that we're human. He said, have I not commanded you be strong and of good courage, do not be afraid nor dismayed for the Lord. Your God is with you wherever you go. I love that. It's like God is setting out the truths of what it is to walk with him in this life. As a Christian we've said before. And I love to remind myself that the Holy spirit dwells within me. So when I see something in the word of God in the Holy spirit is leading me Romans chapter eight, we're led by him to go into that direction.

(08:41): We can be strong. We can be courageous because he is helping us to apply that word. Rene, as you know, I just went through eye surgery and funny where we're in this book of Joshua. And because if you look at the page right before in the book of Deuteronomy and the very last page of the book, God says in his word that Moses, Moses, his eyes were not dim. And he was still full of vigor and strength before he climbed the mountain and breathed his last. You know, when I read that years ago, the Holy spirit, it was like, he highlighted that saying, I am no respecter of persons. What I do for one I will do for another, just employ your faith in. So that's what I did. And I meditated on that and what I would think about a surgery that probably I'd have to have in the future.

(09:37): And when my eyes started to blur in the cornea started to malfunction because it was diseased. I kept meditating on the scripture that the Holy spirit gave me. And it was, thank you, Lord. My eyes will not grow dim, normal, my natural vigor diminished. So I knew that was the scripture I was to meditate on in sure enough, many years later or hype as I went through the natural procedure that God was leading me to. I have a beautiful, perfect eye that is so clear. And it all started with Theresa, be strong and courageous do not turn to the left or to the right, even though you're aging, your eye is blurring. I have a solution. It will come to pass your, your eyes will macro Tim. And so, wow. Renee, look at me now, right. God's will came to pass in my life. So again, the Bible is a book of patterns and principles in the pattern. And the principle that God showed Joshua was the same pattern in principle that we're to use in this life.

(10:47): Oh, that's so great. Did everyone hear what Teresa said? There was a key in there and I love to listen to her talk. I'm sure you're enjoying it too. But she said, what God said is what I do for one I'll do for all that's the patterns and principles, right? The principle is that he has no respecter of persons. So no, no difference in any of us. And then Theresa said, just employ your faith. Just employ your faith. Now easier said than done, right? But that's why we're here. That's why we're all listening to the word of God, getting it in our hearts. And that's what Theresa just revealed in her example, that she had listened to the word of God years ago. And then that was in her heart. All these years could be 20 years later that she needed eye surgery. And the word was brought to her mind was brought to her remembrance that, Oh, wait a minute, God, even something about my demise.

(11:55): And I have the faith. I'm going to just employ my faith. Here we go. God, I know you can fix this. And I know I don't need to worry. And off. She went, got her surgery and her eyes are beautiful. She's so excited that she could see color so beautifully again. So it seems difficult when we're living day to day. But if we can keep the simplicity of what God said coupled with growing our faith, and we know at the end of this, we're going to talk about our favorite scripture. And that's why it is. It says how we get safe. So we'll save that to the end. But that faith is what we're working on. That faith is what we're doing here in this podcast day after day or week after week learning, hearing the word of God and that explaining how we can apply it to our lives. So that's great what God will do for one, he will do for all of us. We need to act by employing our faith. That's great trace. I love that

(13:04): Renee. And I will find the scripture reference for our listeners that God is no respecter of persons. His power comes to all his love is for all it's it's, it's a wonderful fact. I love that Renee that you brought to light that. Yeah, I've meditated on that word. So when it first came to me, okay. I thought it was very cool. That number one, Moses, his eyes were not. His natural strength, you know, had not diminished because he was an old man. Right. But what I did was what, Romans chapter 10 verse 17, our anchor scripture for this podcast, I did what that said to do. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. So I don't know how many hundreds of times from the time the Holy spirit highlighted that scripture till the time the surgery took place. It had to be hundreds of times.

(13:55): I would just say to when I would think about my eye, when I think about w who I don't have the sight I used to have, and I'd go to the doctor's and have that periodic check and it was getting worse, you know, fear would, would come to my mind. But what would eclipse the fear is God's word? And I would say it, Nope. I thank you, father. My eyes will not grow dim nor will my natural vigor diminish. I was meditating. And as we have seen the word meditate means to moderate to oneself. The Hebrew word is actually to mother to oneself. So I would hear my own voice say, Nope, my eyes will not grow near all my natural vigor diminished. And then I would take off into father. I thank you. You're no respecter of persons, what you did for Moses. You're going to do for me. Wow. But it puts me in a huge category, but nonetheless, that's what God's prescription in his word says do Renee in you're absolutely correct. In John 1426, it says the helper, the Holy spirit will teach us all things in bring to our remembrance. The things that have been said in his word, what a wonderful helper he is to us in our day-to-day life.

(15:09): That's great. And again, we're talking about wisdom and how to get it. And that's how Theresa got wisdom. Got the understanding. So there was the knowledge and then the wisdom that came from meditating on that word. You know, I love Theresa. If you go back, I think we talked about it last week to Proverbs three, 19 to 22, where the Bible talks about how wisdom was with God when he founded the place.

(15:38): It sure was. Isn't that amazing? So, you know, again, you know, where do we find this wisdom? We find it in the pages of God's word, the word brings instruction and knowledge. The Holy spirit helps us to apply it. As we walk in this wisdom. I love Psalm one, Psalm chapter one verses one through three, it says blessed is the man who walks not in the counsel of the ungodly nor stands in the path of sinners nor sits in the seat of the scornful. But his delight is in the law of the Lord where we can say his delight is in God's word, the Bible in, in his law, he meditates day and night. And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water that brings forth its fruit in its season, whose leaf also shall not wither and whatever he does shall prosper.

(16:30): You know, there are times when I'll pick up the book of Ephesians, I'll pick up any of the books of the Bible. I love, I just love Ephesians and sets forth who we are in Christ and the inheritance we have as a believer. But as you're reading, the Holy spirit starts to internally apply. The words that you're reading faith is practical. It's a practical application so that our day-to-day lives are successful, non prosperous so that our character grows so that we can be good agents of the love of God that has been shed abroad in our heart. It's, it's a maturity process that comes along so that we can be strong. We can be like that strong tree Renee. You know, I know Renee is down South in the beautiful state of Florida. And if she looks out her door, I'm sure she sees those beautiful Palm trees and the, you can see they made band put even in the worst of storms they bend, but they do not break because their roots go deep. That's what God wants for us as his children, that we're strong in that, in the trauma tumultuous times that do come in the earth. We know how to stand and help one another through the wisdom. They got his built in us in, through our character. And I can tell you today, and I'm sure Renee would also agree that we are stronger women now than we ever have been before, because we've aged beautifully with God and with his wife.

(18:08): How great is that? I think you read the scripture last week, Theresa, that talked about aging beautifully with wisdom, with wisdom. We, we don't grow old, right?

(18:20): That's right. We grow better.

(18:23): So there we go. The number one anti-aging tip in the universe. I love that.

(18:29): That is absolutely correct. And we also have to understand is second Timothy, the book of second Timothy chapter three verse 16 says that all scripture is given by inspiration of God. Wow. Wow. You know, if we rephrase that, we could say, all scripture is inspired is God breathed. His wisdom that he is right, is in his word in the scripture, goes on to say, in this word is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, that then the man of God, universally men and women of God may be complete thoroughly equipped for every good work. Wow. Isn't that amazing? And I know God, God has corrected me on many, many times, many occasions, but like a good parent that correction just brought just beautiful success, beautiful prosperity in my life.

(19:34): So we were talking about how to get wisdom and we find it in the word of God. Wisdom was there from the beginning when God created the earth, the Bible in the beginning says the word was with God. The word is God. So the word is where wisdom is wrapped up. So we go back to this idea of being in the Bible and reading the Bible. You know, I remember again, growing up in religion versus relationship and wow, that goes back to our very number one and number two podcasts. So if you're just starting with us and you want to know the difference between relationship and religion, go back there. But this idea that I never really opened the Bible, uh, was kind of crazy compared to where I am today. So to get wisdom, we need to study the word because in the word is wisdom. The word is wisdom, right? Theresa

(20:43): Word sure is with Renee in the benefits and the blessings are immense. You know, um, the word brings health to our bodies, longevity of life, Rene Proverbs four chapter four verses 20 to 22 says, may son pay attention to the words and be willing to learn open your ears to my sayings, do not let them escape from your sight. Keep them in the center of your heart for their life, to those who find them in healing in health to their flash. Wow. Proverbs chapter three verses one to two and 13 and 16. Again, my son do not forget my law. Let your heart keep my commands for length of days and long life and peace they add to you. Wow. Happy is the man who finds wisdom. The man who gains understanding length of days is in her right hand in her left hand riches and honor, you know what the mind cannot handle the body seems to absorb.

(21:48): So in times of stress, in times of anxiety, prolong stress, prolonging the anxiety, the adrenals and the cortisol that's emitted from it. It actually starts to ruin the body. So as the body ages, and if sickness is allowed to run rampant or take its toll on the body, it will shorten life. But God's word commons. As we have seen in previous podcasts in the book of Hebrews, it says his promises come as an anchor to ourselves. It comes to ground us. He comes to bring peace to ourselves because when we know that God is in charge, that he's working all things around together for our good is Romans eight, 28 says we can be at peace in that floods our souls with peace and produces a longer life for our bodies and our health. And that's what God wants. He has so many promises in his word, Renae, Rene, that he's going to show us his salvation and that's going to bring longevity of life.

(22:59): Just so beautiful. So the scriptures, the two Proverbs Theresa just read are very clear. Again. I think we get to this place where, and I've been there. I can't understand the Bible. I don't like to read it. Well, first of all, practice what we do on this podcast, which is plug into the power source. Be still first and ask God to bring the Holy spirit into your soul, to, to open your eyes, your ears and your heart, and then start reading. But listen, and I'm, I'm, I've pulled a few sentences out of what these two Proverbs pay attention to my words and be willing to learn. Okay? That's clear for they are life to those who find them. So God's saying here pay attention to my words, the words in the Bible for their life, wow. Their life to those who find them length of days is in her right hand. And in her left hand riches and honor it game over for me. You got me, you got me, God, I will pay attention to your words. And I will be willing to learn. That's just a beautiful what my husband, Peter says, kiss of God on this podcast, it wraps up everything we've been trying to say. And it wraps into as well, Theresa, our favorite well-versed woman scripture, doesn't it

(24:31): Sure does Renee. You know, before I recite that, I feel I'd be remissed to the Holy spirit. You know, he's bringing back to my, remember in psych, I used to have a client one time who was not walking with the Lord. And we started talking about the things of God in the Bible, you know, he said Renee, he said, you know, Theresa. He said, my life was a lot better. He said, when I looked back, he said, my life was a lot better. When I was in the word, when I was reading my Bible. Isn't that amazing? He, he eats so clearly. So definitely we know Renee that our anchor scripture is true, right? Every, every word in that word is true. And this is how faith comes. Romans 10, 17. Faith comes by

(25:15): Hearing and hearing by the word of God. Thank you for listening. We'll see you next week.

(25:21): Amen. We love your listeners. Thank you.

(25:25): Thank you for listening. Remember the show notes to the scriptures, to these words of God that we've spent so much time on today are right in the show notes. You just need to scroll down through the app that you're listening on and you can get taken to where you can print them, put them on your mirror, recite them, stay in the word. Secondly, we have a Facebook community where you can get support, get questions answered. Just ask to join the well-versed woman Facebook group. We'll be sure to approve you and let you in there. And last but not least, we'd appreciate it. If you could subscribe to this channel rate and review it and we'll thank you by sending you a well-versed woman journal, where you can take notes on all these podcasts that you're listening to. We'll send it to you right in the mail, the real us mail. So please subscribe, rate, and review to this podcast and we'll see you next week.

(26:24): Bye now,