The True Secret to Success Is Laser Focus

Webster defines laser focus as being: “a state or condition permitting clear understanding or perception, a center of activity, attraction or attention, a point of concentration, or directed attention.”

The ability to maintain laser focus allows us to zero in on the goal in mind. It is a cultivated condition in which we develop a clear understanding of what we are trying to accomplish. With this knowledge, we know what we need to do to achieve it. Individuals with the secret to success can keep a sharp focus on their life and work goals, fully committing to their mission and calling. With a goal always at the center of activity, focused people do not allow the inevitable myriad of distractions to diminish or derail the process in any way.

If we allow ourselves to be drawn in by the world’s distractions, we miss out on the beauty of life done well. A laser focus makes it possible to drown out worthless temptations and embrace a clear vision of success. It is a guaranteed formula for the accomplishment of goals and the ability to move forward in life.

An area of a life that requires laser focus is health and wellness, to which everyone can relate. Often I hear from frustrated clients who relay the struggles faced after deciding to go on a diet. Once the client has formulated the decision, the process of change begins. Suddenly, however, they describe how the ‘cupcakes are calling their name.’ The client might never have had a weakness in this area before, but since they have made a decision to get serious about the diet, temptations seem to creep out of the proverbial woodwork. When embarking on a new diet, people tend to feel as if it is a losing battle. That feeling is especially true in the start of a new diet. Always distracted by treats, television commercials, and unwanted cravings, they feel relentlessly bombarded on a daily basis.

People who have mastered the art of laser focus, knowing exactly what it is they want to achieve in life and the best route to get there, have found the secret to success. There are all kinds of exercises available to help us develop this skill.