One of the simplest but most effective tools to slow aging process down is drinking enough water.  When we notice aging factors like wrinkly, dry or cracked skin, we attribute this to ongoing dehydration.

As We Age

Over the years, the cells in the body lose elasticity, especially as they are subjected to a continuous cycle of dehydration. The more often we let ourselves become dehydrated, the more the years of abuse will be evident. Dehydration that comes from not drinking enough water always manifests in the skin first.  Dehydration remains one of the top causes of premature aging.

It is helpful to remember that once we reach the point when we are thirsty, our body is already dehydrated.  Thirst is a signal that the body has lost too much water.  Aim to drink enough water throughout the day to prevent thirst at all times.

As healthy adults, we want our cells to be plump with water to promote optimal functioning and effective regeneration.  It’s the only thing I ever want to be referred to as plump in my body.  When the cells are full, puffy and strong, the evidence of this will be fewer wrinkles because the hydration fills them in. There will also be fewer wrinkles developing as we diligently maintain the hydration levels in the body and keep the cells functioning at an optimal level.

The Water Rule

The rule I stand by is a daily intake of half the body weight in ounces of water.  Being committed to drinking enough water each day will ensure that our body is kept hydrated and our cells are free to operate at highest capacity.  Water will also keep cells strong and, as we mentioned previously, foster a higher quality of future cell generations. Remember, this is good, clean water.  No soda, coffee, tea, sugary drinks or sparkling water will do as a replacement.

This is probably the single easiest health tip anyone can give.  For many people, this is one of the most challenging daily health choices.  People do not drink enough due to the distractions of the day.  Alternatively, they drink substitutes, like coffee or soda, which does not provide adequate hydration and result in feeling thirsty and tired.

Making a concerted effort to drink enough pure water is the most important anti-aging tool available.  It is cheap, easy and supremely beneficial to our health and wellness.  Start setting daily hydration goals and watch how quickly your anti-aging journey gets back on track.

“Pure water is the world’s first and foremost medicine.”  –Slovakian proverb