Did you know you can train your brain? You’ve probably done a lot of physical and fitness training so why not train your brain? I am not sure how many of us train our brain, but trust me when I tell you, you need to. It helped me survive my recent cancer diagnosis and surgery.

A recent Harvard study that said 25% of job successes are related to IQ, only 25%, but 75% of job successes are related to optimism of the person, social circumstances, and the ability to handle stress as a challenge and not a threat.

Learn to Train Your Brain

That’s amazing, right? 75% of job successes are people who are optimistic and can handle stress. So if we can train our brain to understand and learn that, our whole world would change. Here’s 3 quick tips you can do to train your brain.

Tip #1 – Morning Rituals

Studies show that it’s important to get up in the morning and have a ritual. If you’ve been following me, I have talked about that before. You’ve got to have a routine, it has to be positive, it has to set your brain in the right direction for your day, the week, the month, the year and so on. A morning ritual is key.

Morning Ritual Examples:

  1. Keep a journal
  2. Write down 10 things you’re grateful for.
  3. Say something positive about yourself 50 times
  4. Listen to an uplifting podcast
  5. Meditate

Tip #2 –  Discover The Truth.

We have this magnificent brain that records everything that has ever happened in our life. Some of it is true and some is untrue. We are going to have to sort that out. There’s actually patterns of truths and untruths. Take a look at how you see yourself today and decide what is really true and what is not true. Examples of untruths would be thinking you’re never good enough or you don’t deserve to be happy or it’s impossible for you to be fit and healthy.

Tip #3 –  Retrain Your Brain.

Let’s work on the untruths. We are going to train your brain or retrain it. Your brain is an organ that can be trained or in this case retrained. Retraining your brain to sort the truths from the untruths is possible.

Here’s a little exercise I’d like you to try. It’s going to seem really silly, but it worked for me through my cancer diagnosis and surgery. So I know it worked.

Pretend to take your brain out of your head and set it on the table.  Think about the untruths you’ve been telling yourself. List all the pros and all the cons of why that isn’t true. Now, you’re are going to talk to your brain.

You’ve heard psychologists sometimes say talk to that little child inside you. Most of these untruths were born when we were small children and couldn’t rationalize things or understand them for ourselves. We have to retrain our brain for new truths. Our adult self knows those irrational thoughts are not true, but you have to reprogram it for the truth. For example, you could say “I like myself”, or “I am good enough”, or “I do deserve to be happy” 50 times every morning

It really is possible. You have to be patient and consistent.  Similar to training for anything else, you have to exercise your brain muscle. As Brain Tracy says, “The person we believe ourselves to be will always act in a manner consistent with our self-image.” I know it sounds crazy, but just give it a try.