As a life strategist and serial entrepreneur, I appreciate the fact that my job allows me to take charge and be the boss of my own life.  My passion is to help others to achieve the same, taking charge of life decisions, igniting a spark that will change lives for the better.

Part of having a positive life attitude is changing perspectives and eradicating unhealthy habits.  The next series of blog posts will discuss four tips to reverse the aging process or at least slow it down.

Why do we Age?

Have you ever asked the question: why do we age? There are three main reasons why we age: the deterioration of cells, the degeneration of enzymes and our genetic predisposition.

Healthy Cell Theory

There are about a trillion cells in the human body which die daily and then regenerate. Skin and hair cells, for example, die all the time and it is possible to observe the regrowth within twenty-four hours or less. Other types, like brain cells, however, are not subjected to regrowth as rapidly, but go through the same kind of process.

Cells regenerate as a less healthy version, the same as before, or stronger and healthier than the previous generation.  We age when the cells are regenerating to a weaker state and at a lower function.  Later in the series, we will discuss more details on providing cells with plenty of good stuff to foster anti-aging.

Enzyme Theory

Enzymes are often referred to as the spark plugs of life. The car guys out there, or motorheads as I affectionately call them, taught me that spark plugs are what makes the car run.  Spark plugs are needed for the entire car to function, and without them, the car cannot fulfill its designed purpose.  Similarly, enzymes are the spark plugs of the body, and without enzymes, there is no life. The body simply will not work without them.

Women are born with a certain number of eggs, and once this supply is used up, the eggs are gone, and menopause begins.  Enzymes are similar in that we are born with a limited number, and when these run out, the supply is gone.  Unlike eggs, however, there are ways to source more enzymes.


Lastly, why do we age? Genetics plays a significant role in the aging process.  The key to affecting change is a detailed analysis of your hereditary propensity.  Even though genetic make-up is set at conception, there are aspects of it that can be changed or pre-empted. If we understand how genetics are geared, it is possible to improve both the outcomes and the tendencies in our aging process.

Take Charge

At the tender age of twenty, not many of us may want to hear about anti-aging and all it entails. It is never too early to foster healthy habits.  Intentional decisions now will help slow down the aging process later in life.  It is time to take charge. You can’t help getting older, but you don’t have to get old.

Stay tuned to my blog for anti-aging tips on healthy consumption, staying hydrated, the benefits of supplements and combating stress.